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Improving travel website accessibility

Web accessibility can increase customer satisfaction, generate revenue, improves brand loyalty and can even enhance search engine performance. It’s also a legal requirement under the Equality Act 2010. But how many travel companies recognise this potential?

Design for accessibility workshop

Last Friday at UX London I did my workshop on designing for accessibility. The aim was to tackle accessibility from an interaction point of view, and work out the best way to incorporate accessibility in to your design process. Hopefully I’ll re-run it at UX Bristol.

8th June 2012

Five things to look for in a CMS interface

Our local Bathcamp last night was a “CMS Smackdown”, where people representing 7 different Content Management Systems (CMS) highlighted the five things they love, and five things they hate about their CMS.

24th January 2012
User Experience

8 tips for a sane IA

For World Usability Day I provided 8 tips (tweets) on Information Architecture “truisms”. Things on how to structure a site, how to prevent poor navigation experiences, and why you would want to avoid buckets! These are things I’d want everyone on a team to know before starting a typical website project. .

20th October 2010
Nomensa thinks

Change how clients think about design

Many of us have been in a situation where you put a design in front of a client and cursed the feedback (afterwards). Even with the best preparation, the best design, the sort of feedback you get can vary wildly and it often feels like you have to go back to the drawing board.

If you toil away in private and plonk the design down in front of them with a "Wadda ya think?", things are likely to go down hill, here’s why.

18th August 2010
News flash

BBC questions HTML5

The BBC joined the HTML5 discussions recently when Erik Huggers’ posted on the BBC Internet Blog: HTML5, open standards, and the BBC. People have been asking the BBC throw its weight behind HTML5, and its use of Flash seems to show reticence, is that justified?

30th April 2010
User Experience

Crowd-sourced testing

Imagine 40 people from around the world suddenly scouring your site for bugs,and reporting them to a central system that you monitor and approve / reject. That was my experience recently with uTest, who provide the platform and the community for this crowd-sourced QA service. uTest claim it covers several types of testing, from functional to usability, but how does it compare to traditional usability testing and quality assurance (QA)?

17th March 2010
Web Design

Liquid Layouts – The Decision

Choosing a type of layout is one of those things in web design where flames are regularly thrown, so I’m putting on my best heat resistant suit and wading in. At Nomensa we have always used liquid layouts, as we looked at in part 1, liquid layouts have their advantages and disadvantages.

This post explains why our policy on layouts has changed.


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