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14th April 2014
User Experience

In defence of buckets

Scouring through UX blogs on the topic of menus, IA, or navigation you will find the theme of buckets.

A ‘bucket’ is defined as a menu item into which almost anything could fit – they are typically labelled with vague words like ‘Miscellaneous’, ‘Information’, ‘Other’ or ‘Stuff’. These have effectively been crucified as “the ONE thing you must never do”. So at the risk of being virtually crucified, I am here to defend them.

2nd April 2014
User Experience

A few thoughts on psychology & UX

‘So how does a psychology graduate end up in web design?’ – a question I’ve been asked many times since landing a job at Nomensa. I want to explain how intrinsically linked psychology and UX design are.

31st March 2014
User Experience

Diary studies for multi-device user research

As our personal collections of web-enabled devices grow, so too do the contexts in which we might use them. A single mobile device can be used across a seemingly infinite range of conditions and environments, but add a second, third or fourth device and the number of ways in which they might be used and used together expands exponentially.

11th March 2014
User Experience

On naming buttons

Looking at the language we use in the software we design, specifically when it comes to buttons.

30th January 2014
User Experience

Lorem ipsum and the art of prototype testing

Printers and typesetters have used lorem ipsum for over 500 years to demonstrate visual design elements. Meaningless chunks of Latin makes sure everyone involved in the visual design process focuses solely on font, typography and layout – rather than the words. But this tradition is under attack in the digital sector: in particular, the rise of agile methods and content strategy are conspiring against it.

27th August 2013
User Experience, Web Design

Using content priority wireframes to assist in copy production

As the resurgence in content strategy has continued to grow I have encountered much anecdotal evidence from my peers regarding the delay in projects due to a lack of decent copy. Copy production can often create a chicken and egg scenario where the team is unable to progress without the copy, or the design (using […]

24th July 2013
User Experience

Learning and Luving: A summary of UX Bristol 2013

So the third UX Bristol has come and gone last Friday in a blur of workshops, thought pieces and cheesy cider goodness. For those of you who don’t know, UX Bristol is the premier South West UX conference organised by the Bristol Usability Group. It is a not-for-profit event whose funds are used to feed […]

What without why is less than half the picture

According to a recent blog post on econsultancy, more than half of businesses (56%) rely exclusively on Google Analytics to measure performance of their website (data taken from a survey of almost 900 digital marketing professionals between April and May 2013). This brought to mind a post on our blog from nearly four years ago ( […]


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