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16th July 2014
Web Accessibility

More Tips for Creating Accessible Forms

Tips to help make your forms more accessible, covering common issues that I have come across when evaluating forms for accessibility conformance and providing techniques for improving their overall accessibility.

3rd April 2014
Web Accessibility

Improving travel websites accessibility: infographic

Infographic with highlights from our recent whitepaper, Improving travel website accessibility.

Improving travel website accessibility

Web accessibility can increase customer satisfaction, generate revenue, improves brand loyalty and can even enhance search engine performance. It’s also a legal requirement under the Equality Act 2010. But how many travel companies recognise this potential?

Design for accessibility workshop

Last Friday at UX London I did my workshop on designing for accessibility. The aim was to tackle accessibility from an interaction point of view, and work out the best way to incorporate accessibility in to your design process. Hopefully I’ll re-run it at UX Bristol.

21st January 2013
Web Accessibility

Accessibility – Where are we now Mr Bowie?

Dear David Bowie,

You may be one of my music Heroes, but your new website isn’t so much Rock n Roll Suicide as inclusive design murder. If The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell, your website is leading the way.

13th November 2012
Web Accessibility

Accessibility is part of UX (it isn’t a swear word)

People often go a bit wobbly when accessibility is mentioned. Visions of text only websites, monochrome designs and static content swirl in their heads. Teeth are gritted, excuses are prepared, and battle conditions ensue.

The reality is that accessibility is simply a key part of UX. A truly outstanding digital experience is a fusion of accessibility, usability, creativity and technology. The trick is to weave those things together, and to do that successfully there needs to be a cross pollination of skills and expertise.

11th September 2012
Web Accessibility

The business case for HTML5

HTML5 has been in development since 2004, but it was thrust into the limelight when Steve Jobs aired his views on open standards in 2010. HTML5 (and its associated technologies) has now reached a level of maturity that has encouraged organisations to begin adopting it as the basis for key development projects.

There are several business benefits of moving towards a web-platform solution. How much you benefit will depend on the nature of your organisation, but there are several different advantages that may apply.

7 web accessibility myths

Web accessibility is not a new concept. The Web Accessibility Initiative was launched back in 1997, and yet 15 years later it is still a widely ignored and neglected aspect of web development. There are many deep-rooted misconceptions about accessibility which prevent people from making a conscious effort to incorporate it into their websites. Let’s take a closer look at the top 7 web accessibility myths.


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