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1st May 2014

Tips on combining image and text links

Tips on combining image and text links that link to the same resource, a requirement stated in the Web Content Accessibility guidelines.

10th April 2014

Contributing to Drupal, the Nomensa way

Here at Nomensa we have accessibility at the heart, so when we get granted time in our schedule to work on contributing modules to the Drupal community, our first choice was to look into contributing modules that could raise the standard of accessibility across Drupal.

Improving travel website accessibility

Web accessibility can increase customer satisfaction, generate revenue, improves brand loyalty and can even enhance search engine performance. It’s also a legal requirement under the Equality Act 2010. But how many travel companies recognise this potential?

11th March 2014
User Experience

On naming buttons

Looking at the language we use in the software we design, specifically when it comes to buttons.

3rd March 2014

Captions, audio descriptions and transcripts

This video gives you some advice about alternatives for audio and video content.

5th August 2013
Simon says

Making websites accessible without sacrificing aesthetics

Fifteen years after the Web Accessibility Initiative was launched, which aimed to improve web usability for those with disabilities, online accessibility is still widely ignored. Far too often there is a belief that a compromise must be made between accessibility and an attractive design.

23rd July 2013

Preserving correct reading order

This video explains how inserting dynamic content can affect logical reading and focus order.

4th July 2013
Simon says

A Responsive Web Design primer

In less than 2 years responsive web design (RWD) has become a digital design trend.

If you think the number of devices that needs to be considered is mind-boggling in 2013 this is likely to be insignificant to the potential ways we will use information (and screens) in the future. This makes the whole RWD approach very practical and those who have embraced it are building a platform that will allow future devices.


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