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7th July 2014
User Experience

Framing UX research questions

This short video provides advice about user research to avoid incorrect results, bad decisions and ultimately a sub-optimal product.

How to get the best ROI from your investment in UX

Briefing someone on a potential new UX project can be a difficult task. You’ve decided what is needed, budget accordingly and hire an agency or individual to do the job. However, sometimes you find at the end that you don’t necessarily get the results you were hoping for.

10th June 2014

(CLOSED) ‘Interact London 2014’ – call for speakers

‘Interact London’ is a brand new, one of a kind event taking place in London at a central location (TBC), 9th and 10th October 2014. We are looking for seasoned UX, Design and IA professionals to be a part of this by conducting innovative and ground-breaking speaker presentations.

9th June 2014
User Experience

The next big thing and its impact on UX

As anyone involved in a computing industry will know, the next big thing is always just around the corner. Given that it’s been 7 years since iPhone’s launch, it is about time the next appeared. So what might this be, and how may peoples’ experiences will change because of it?

15th May 2014
Web Design

Online photography — tips from our user testing

Photography is one of the most powerful ingredients you can use on your website. This article gives some insight into what makes a good picture for user testing and helps you organise your photography content.

14th April 2014
User Experience

In defence of buckets

Scouring through UX blogs on the topic of menus, IA, or navigation you will find the theme of buckets.

A ‘bucket’ is defined as a menu item into which almost anything could fit – they are typically labelled with vague words like ‘Miscellaneous’, ‘Information’, ‘Other’ or ‘Stuff’. These have effectively been crucified as “the ONE thing you must never do”. So at the risk of being virtually crucified, I am here to defend them.

2nd April 2014
User Experience

A few thoughts on psychology & UX

‘So how does a psychology graduate end up in web design?’ – a question I’ve been asked many times since landing a job at Nomensa. I want to explain how intrinsically linked psychology and UX design are.

30th January 2014
User Experience

Lorem ipsum and the art of prototype testing

Printers and typesetters have used lorem ipsum for over 500 years to demonstrate visual design elements. Meaningless chunks of Latin makes sure everyone involved in the visual design process focuses solely on font, typography and layout – rather than the words. But this tradition is under attack in the digital sector: in particular, the rise of agile methods and content strategy are conspiring against it.


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