Creating the perfect donation experience – infographic long description

Step 1: Engage

The potential donor becomes emotionally engaged with the charity. This can occur offline (for example, through a television advert) or online (through case studies).

Step 2: Nudge

The donor is tipped over into actually deciding to make a donation. This typially occurs on the "Donate" landing page and is supported by a range of subtle features, such as suggested amounts, imagery and wording.

Step 3: Support

This refers to the support that the donor needs while stepping through the donation process. If this process is designed well and reflects user expectations, it will feel shorter, more intuitive and 'right'.

Step 4: Reward

Having completed the donation, the donor should be rewarded with a positive thank you message and encouragement to engage further.

Step 5: Relate

Once the donor has been rewarded, the aim of every charity should be to discover what type of experience your supporters are expecting. Interaction should feel authentic and meaningful.