Design for accessibility workshop

Last Friday at UX London I did my workshop on designing for accessibility. The aim was to tackle accessibility from an interaction point of view, and work out the best way to incorporate it in to your design process. Rather than going through technical guidelines we got hands-on with the technology and tried out keyboard accessibility, magnification, screen readers, and captioning experiences. We looked at what impact those interaction styles have and what strategies people use. A screenshot from one of the demonstrations showing a screenreader highlight the landmarks available in the page From there we worked out what a website can do to support those interactions and strategies. Finally, we went through where in a design process you can define or check for each aspect, including at the sketching, wireframe / prototype and visual-design stages. I'm not going to publish the materials yet, as I will be running the workshop at UX Bristol, but any of the attendees from UX London can email me for the slides & materials. If you’re planning to come to UX Bristol it would be great if you came along, and to get really hands-on, bring a laptop or iPad and some headphones. Not required, but helpful!