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Rummaging through the various events in social land over the last month, two in particular caught my attention. Firstly, a belated happy birthday, or should that be many happy retweets to Twitter on reaching the grand ol’ age of 7. Given the coming and goings in the social networking world (anyone remember Bebo and Friends Reunited?), then assigning an age multiplier wouldn’t be too remiss, say 7 in human years, 49 in cat years and 72 in social network years? Talking of cats,  a social sharing favourite, Buzzfeed also made its appearance as a fully fledged UK social sharing site last month too, making it the first geographic specific site outside the US, a decision based on significant traffic volumes coming to the main .com site from this side of the Atlantic. For the uninitiated, Buzzfeed was founded by Jonah Peretti, in 2006, the same Jonah Peretti who worked on the launch of Huffington Post (with whom Buzzfeed now effectively competes). Incidently, Buzzfeed is also looking at launching a business section in its main US site to facilitate social sharing amongst business users. We trust the content balance will favour serious business news and views, of course. So, 7 years from now, if twitter’s celebrating its 14th year, and Buzzfeed reaches twitters current age, maybe we need to revise our social network multipler (downwards)?

All ‘eyes’ on Samsung and L&G

Whilst things appear to be hotting up in the political sphere in the Far East (hint: North Korea), two other Korean giants, Samsung and L&G are ramping up the rhetoric over a potential patent infringement relating to eye tracking. LG is reported as saying it applied for the patent way back in 2009, whilst Samsung only filed “Eye pause” at the patent office in February this year. Interesting therefore that Samsung were keen to point out in the run up to the full Galaxy S4 launch that their device isn’t using eye tracking technology but facial recognition instead. Needless to say, this isn’t the first time the two have gone head to head. For example, Samsung previously slammed LG with a patent lawsuit regarding its LCD displays, and at the recent Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung unveiled a curved OLED TV literally hours before LG announced what it called the world's first curved OLED TV.

Facebook’s coming home

It will be interesting to see if the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange’s) initial positive reaction to Facebook’s launch of its new family of apps ‘Home’ is shared more widely amongst non-financial audiences. Post launch movements on the NYSE saw Facebook shares ‘climb’ 3%+ in value, making it a better initial response to that received earlier this year when Facebook announced its heavily hyped Graph search, when values dropped 3%. For those unfamiliar with the new service, Facebook ‘Home’ incorporates a series of apps designed to replace a standard Android user’s homescreen. Taken together the sum total of the experience is intended to be an immersive one including full-screen photos, status updates and notifications. Home is due to launch stateside in mid-April and be made available to Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich OS’ but not Gingerbread. Further international launches will follow on later, whilst tablet friendly variants and a regular monthly supply of new apps are also in the offing.

Finding innovative uses for Pinterest

To close out this month’s round up, I was keen to share with you all a piece which came my way recently around some of the interesting ways Pinterest is currently been used as a visual sharing and inspiration facility. Amongst the top 10 ‘creative uses of Pinterest’ to capture my attention, were entries 2 and 7 in the list. The first of these belongs to NY Times war correspondent CJ Chivers who uses as a visual archive to display images and photographs relating to his war reports. Meanwhile, US automative manufacturer GM has been taking advantage of Pinterest’s visual and social sharing resources as initial inspiration for the design of a new car for one of its Buick range, entitled “A day at the beach”. For further inspiration, or to get the old creative juices flowing again, take a look at all 10 Innovative Uses of Pinterest. That’s all for now, see you next month for more news and view next month.