My time working at Nomensa

Author: Sarah Kiessler So I have nearly come to the end of my eight week internship with the lovely team at Nomensa - it’s gone so quickly! Although it has only been a short space of time, I feel that I have learnt so much. Being a second-year Psychology student, any work experience is so valuable; an internship being ideal. So as you can imagine, I was thrilled when I landed the role at the company, and most definitely have not been disappointed. When I got this role, I got a lot of people stating that this job is not actually related to psychology. At first, I would vaguely explain the link between marketing and psychology (a bit hesitantly as I wasn’t entirely sure myself). However, I soon realised that psychology is actually the centrepiece in all that Nomensa do. They don’t just build ‘nice-looking’ websites; they use human psychology to design and create websites to really engage the user, regardless of ability. I think Simon’s article ‘Making websites accessible without sacrificing aesthetics’ explains this well. This is what makes them unique from other competing companies and of course, extra special. So, coming to what I’ve done whilst working at Nomensa… My favourite project I have completed during my time here has got to be organising for UX Bristol; an annual user experience event that Nomensa sponsored. This involved ordering all that was needed, researching potential merchandise and of course Nomensa branding everything possible! After the many weeks of organising, the day went really well and I think it’s safe to say that Nomensa achieved UX Bristol domination. Well, not quite, but I think the attendees liked us, and hopefully will go tell all their friends how great we are! This was not influenced whatsoever by the bribery of free cider and cheese… Nomensa branded cider Another fairly big project that I completed was creating a Nomensa portfolio of coverage that they have had over the years for clients (and potential clients) to see. This involved a lot of cutting and sticking. I must say I’m surprised they let me continue to do this after colouring outside the lines in the Gromit colouring competition! Portfolio front cover In all seriousness, it’s a brilliant way to see a lot of what Nomensa have done, and how they have involved themselves in the digital community. Apart from that, I have been doing tons of research for Nomensa to help them along the way for present and future projects. It was really interesting to learn more around the topics, especially of how mobile and tablet internet usage is increasing so rapidly. These projects definitely got easier as time went on, and my time taken trawling through the internet decreased significantly. I am pleased to say that I am now an internet research queen… well, maybe princess. To finish off, I have got to say the best thing about Nomensa has to be the people. I have been embraced as a Nomensan since day one, and have always felt an equal part of the team. You are guaranteed many daily laughs in the office (usually at least one directed at me and my hiccups), but that doesn’t mean they don’t work hard. They are all genuinely committed to their work, and more than happy to help each other along the way. I will leave with some very important life lessons I have learnt from the office… 1. You must listen to Kisstory 11 till 12 2. Instant coffee is not acceptable 3. You can never have enough food 4. And most importantly, work can be fun! Okay to really finish off…I have had a lovely eight weeks working at Nomensa - I will miss you all and your ‘uberness’. Thank you! Sarah and the Queen Square Gromit