UX Modern Marketing Manifesto

Econsultancy recently crafted a Modern Marketing Manifesto, listing twelve constituents forming reasons why marketing is increasingly valuable, and how digital and classic methods can fuse and work together. It was point three in the manifesto that caught our eye: ‘Experience’.

“We believe that improving the customer experience must be the relentless focus of modern marketing. Customer experience is about customer centricity as evidenced by the service or product that we deliver across channels. It is about respecting the power and importance of great design. Experiences are events, products, services, hardware, software, customer service. Indeed, every interaction with a customer is an experience that we must make as relevant, pleasurable, easy and useful as possible for them. Since resources and time are not infinite we need segmentation to help ensure we deliver the best possible experience to our most valuable customers.”

As a user experience (UX) design agency, we believe experience is everything. We decided to take point three of Econsultancy’s manifesto and expand it to craft a UX modern marketing manifesto.

Our UX Modern Marketing Manifesto (#UXMoMaMa)

1. CX or UX? Customer Experience (CX) and User Experience (UX) are synonymous – they both have an interest in understanding the customer and a desire to provide a seamless experience that will keep them coming back for more. Providing a positive experience for every visitor across all your digital channels is essential. Great experience is building on great interaction.

2. Interaction We believe that we need to work hard to understand people, their emotional responses to design, and how to create exciting interactions that deeply engage. The challenge is to understand how people use technology and how it can enhance, compliment and blend into our lives. Great user experiences are based on great interactions. Every interaction should be amazing whether it is a single moment or a cascade of moments together.

3. Macro and micro We believe we need to understand the user experience from a macro and micro perspective. We believe we should move away from the one-size-fits-all approach. We need to anticipate what content and functionality should be presented across the whole experience. By applying behavioural knowledge and insight we will be better prepared to anticipate and therefore shape what is expected as people switch between devices and channels. A great channel experience will pay close attention to all the details and support the customer, understanding the experience holistically.

4. Whole journey We believe it’s no longer enough for your site to be ‘usable’ and ‘intuitive’. Providing an excellent experience from the first interaction to the last is expected. We must provide customers with consistent, compelling experiences; before, during, and after they engage…and across all channels. This is how we design the experience so it feels pleasurable.

5. Pleasurable We believe a good experience is more than functionality. A great user experience is something that you feel, it touches you emotionally. Be exciting. Be authentic. If you aren’t authentic then the experience with your brand will be inconsistent, making it much harder to engage with your customers. Tap into our human instinct to connect and be part of something.

6. Social behaviour We believe social proof is an extremely powerful tool. Social proof – how the collective makes us feel. A personal recommendation helps to build support for your brand. Showing potential supporters/customers that someone like them recommends your brand can be an extremely strong motivator. The best experiences are those that are shared and ones we can all enjoy equally, regardless of device, situation or ability.

7. Digital liberty We believe that everyone has the right to use technology regardless of ability — design should be inclusive. To deliver inclusive and authentic user experiences we need to ensure our designs our accessible. As designers, we can apply a variety of techniques to ensure we deliver a design experience that provides an equivalent level of quality to as many people as possible. We should provide exceptional experiences to ensure universal access whilst maintaining a high level of creativity, design aesthetic and functionality because everyone is important and can potentially become your greatest advocate.

8. Your most valued customer We believe every person should be treated with the same respect. Every new customer is potentially your most valued customer. People don’t like being manipulated, especially when online, because it comes across as devious and is not associated with a positive experience. Designers should strive to only use psychological insights and techniques that provide positive experiences which feel transparent providing greater choice and control to every customer. Thereby creating a strong feeling of engagement with your whole audience and building a greater sense of brand loyalty and ultimately advocacy. A great experience should feel like a waltz between a customer and the organisation.

9. Choreography We believe content is the most important part of any website, it represents the actual ‘bit’ people are searching for, so establish your content priorities. How your customers access your content will depend on the flow and rhythm of your user experience. When a person experiences cadence they become ‘one’ with your web experience and you achieve this through carefully choreography all the elements. When we experience cadence we can be certain that we have designed something that is not merely good, or even great, but amazing.

10. A great user experience is AMAZING, not average Aim to amaze people. Work out what the customer expects and wants as a minimum and then exceed it. We should all strive to create ground-breaking online experiences. The key being ‘groundbreaking’. We are all searching for something new, something exciting, something extraordinary.