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'Viva La Digital: Digital First 2015 and beyond' is a glimpse into the future of strategic user experience.  

In this paper, Simon Norris explores the benefits of embedding a Digital First philosophy into an organisation and the commercial effect that superior user experience can have on an organisation when applying digitally ecological thinking. 

"A Digital First philosophy provides a platform for organisations to compete more effectively through the provision of a superior user experience that spans and combines all digital products and services. Digital First Thinking allows organisations to act ecologically" 

'Viva La Digital: Digital First 2015 and beyond' will provide ground-breaking insight into the importance a Digital First philosophy holds in shaping the total user experience of an organisation’s digital estate, cultivating an ecological mind set, designing the ‘Total Experience’ and much more. 

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About the author:

Simon founded Nomensa in 2001 with the strong belief that the internet should be more inclusive and work more effectively. He coined the phrase 'Humanising Technology' to reinforce Nomensa's belief that digital technology should be both usable and accessible.
With degrees in Human Psychology, Human Biology and Cognitive Science, he has turned the traditional view of web design on its head, focussing on people's emotions and the way they interact with technology rather than the way technology can change their behaviour. This comes from a detailed understanding of how we make choices and the factors that influence us.
As CEO, Simon is responsible for the growth and strategic development of Nomensa. He delivers corporate strategy vision, integrating and refining human-centred design techniques. As a result, organisations such as Sky, the National Trust, the BBC, the Royal Mail and npower and many other top brands and international giants ask him not to just design or improve an online experience, but transform it, improving accessibility and