World IA Day 2016 - Call for speakers


Nomensa are proud to announce that we will once again be running World IA Day (WIAD) Bristol. Taking place on the 20th February at Arnolfini, hundreds of people around the world will focus on this year’s theme: "Information Everywhere, Architects Everywhere”.

Our world is full of information. Whether we are using the latest mobile app, watching the local news or navigating our way through the post office or grocery store - information is all around us. Because of the ubiquitous nature of information, information architecture is not just practiced by specialists. Instead information is architected by people holding all sorts of titles, coming from all walks of life. 

This year will focus on telling these kinds of stories. Stories of information being architected by everyone from teachers to business owners; technologists to artists; and designers to product managers. With representation from 39 countries around the world, we believe that the power of similarity and the beauty of difference between these stories will inspire those who work in information architecture, as well as those who may be new to it.

WIAD Bristol is a FREE event aimed at all enthusiasts who share the common goal of teaching, learning, and shaping the future of Information Architecture. We are looking for skilled Information Architects to submit talk proposals in order to shape the schedule and learning experiences for the day.

WIAD Bristol are seeking high-quality session proposals from experienced speakers on IA and depending on the type of talk you'd like to give, generally speaking, slots are 30 minutes long including Q&A.

Once submissions close, all will be considered and the shortlist contacted.

Please provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Job title
  • Organisation
  • About you (50 words max)
  • Title of talk (can be subject to change)
  • Short description of your talk (50 words max)
  • What conferences have you spoken at before (please provide links to slides or videos where possible)

Please email all submissions to

Deadline for submissions Friday 11th November 2015