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    Nomensa are experts in web accessibility strategy, web usability analysis, accessible website design, CMS procurement and implementation.

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    Nomensa Founder & CEO. After 20 years of dedication to digital and all things UX I have witnessed the evolution of the web from fad to defacto standard. I believe that digital experiences should feel as engaging as their analog counterparts. Great experience design allows people to bridge the digital and analog worlds seamlessly and intuitively. This is the philosophy behind Digital First.

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    Tim is a ‎Principal User Experience Consultant here at Nomensa.

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    Juliet is a Principal UX Consultant at Nomensa, where she is responsible for implementing user experience strategy and services with a focus on the not-for-profit sector. When she's not considering the many facets of user research, Juliet can often be found explaining why cheese doesn't talk, and other life mysteries, to her small daughter.

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    Em is a Senior Web Developer at Nomensa, where she leads on complex front end development projects. When she's not building fabulously accessible websites, Em likes to do a bit of gardening, but not as much as she likes watching football and supporting Aston Villa.

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    Alastair is Director of Accessibility at Nomensa, where he is responsible for combining technology research and user experience. When he's not pulling apart code to see how it works, Alastair can often be found propping up the bar after a national windsurfing meet.

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    Matt is a Web Developer at Nomensa, where he works on a range of front end development projects. When he's not cropping pixels and closing tags, Matt can usually be found taking part in a variety of outdoor pursuits, which often result in him being covered head to toe in mud.

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    Gosia Mlynarczyk is an Accessibility Consultant. When she’s not inspecting websites, with one eye on the screen and the other on accessibility guidelines, she likes travelling, reading, watching science programs, and listening to music.

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    For the last 9 years Jon has been designing and optimising interfaces across the web, software and product development industries. From purely digital clients to high street retailors (via Nigerian oil fields!) he has consistently championed the cause of the “user” in design. His clients include Sky, Evans Cycles, the Student Loans Company, DECC and Shell.

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    Robin is a UX consultant at Nomensa.

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    Peter is a User Experience Consultant at Nomensa, happy when knee-deep in a site’s IA or talking to users about their interactions. When he’s not working to deliver awesome digital experiences, you’ll find him cooking up a storm in the kitchen or scaling one of Bristol’s many hills on his bike. He currently has 144 pictures of his cat Piper on his phone.

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    Michel started off studying Wildlife Management in his native Netherlands, leaving it all behind to become a Drupal Application Developer here at Nomensa in 2013, soon after to become Head of Web Development. When not knee deep in code, he enjoys the outdoors, holidays and most of all, spending time with his wife, little boy and baby girl.

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    Charlie is a Principal Consultant here at Nomensa.

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    Principal UX Consultant at Nomensa

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    I am the social strategist at Nomensa. This means I spend my days exploring the connection that exists between the social web and UX.

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    Fran is an Information Architect here at Nomensa.

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    Aled is a User Experience Consultant at Nomensa. He spends a lot of his time trying to better understand people and their interactions with technology. When he's not working to deliver excellent digital experiences, Aled likes making music on his banjo, guitar and keyboard. He's a self-confessed beer snob.

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    Jorrit is a Senior User Experience Consultant here at Nomensa. He has previously worked as a user researcher and UX designer at major academic publishing companies based in London and Amsterdam.

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    User Experience Consultant at Nomensa.

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    Aaron is a Senior User Experience Consultant at Nomensa. He holds a PhD in Psychology where he worked on the design of communication systems.