Accessibility testing

Accessibility testing gives us the foundation we need to understand and advise on your organisation's needs, capabilities and current offering. Although we recommend that accessibility is incorporated as early as possible, we test throughout a project's lifecycle.

What is accessibility testing?

Accessibility testing helps us to understand barriers some customers face when navigating your website or app. It also helps optimise concepts and prototypes before costly errors occur, ultimately improving the overall quality and robustness of a product. 'Testing' is an umbrella term for a range of tactics. These include: 

  • Automated testing – a software or web-based tool will systematically test your entire site, quickly identifying technical problems and providing the groundwork for a manual audit 
  • Manual audits – one of our accessibility experts will interrogate your site against all 50 of WCAG 2.1's success criteria (at level AA), delivering a comprehensive view of your site's current offering 
  • Usability testing – we ask participants with hearing, sight, mobility or cognitive impairments to move through your digital product or service, completing key tasks and journeys

Our accessibility testing services can be treated as one-off audits or a full programme of work designed to improve your product or service. When the three types of testing are applied in conjunction, a holistic view of a service or product is revealed. 

Accessibility testing at Nomensa

Get in touch with our team today to discover how combining our accessibility audits and testing services within a wider programme of work will reward you with better results, bigger profits and a wider reach. Not to mention, a superior experience for all of your customers.

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