Accessibility training

Our training sessions and workshops empower your teams to take ownership of the accessibility issues facing more than a fifth of the UK population.

Whether hosted for stakeholders, board members or practitioners, these face-to-face or remote sessions are tremendously helpful in bringing everyone along on your journey and supporting organisational change.

As barriers mostly arise in design and development, it is essential that these teams have the necessary skills and expertise to build with accessibility in mind. Our research has found that fixing accessibility issues early in a project is considerably cheaper than fixing them after launch.

We understand that different departments or job roles have specific concerns – for instance, a UX practitioner will be more concerned with design than a developer, who in turn will be more preoccupied with code solutions. So, we always tailor our advice to whoever is asking and deliver in the most actionable and usable format possible. Training helps generate an internal culture that really champions accessibility long after after a project ends. 

You may be battling against legacy systems, small teams and tight budgets, but we can show you how to really imbed best practice into your business. Contact our team at or call +44 (0)117 929 7333. 

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