Programmes of work

Accessible design provides universal, uninterrupted access to your digital product. This increases engagement, drives traffic and boosts sales.

By centring accessible design in your strategy, you can diversify your audience-base and make it easier for people to find, use and purchase your services. Building accessibility in from the start, rather than retroactively fixing a site once it goes live, means you can save time, money and effort. 

Our programmes of work examine your organisation's capabilities, uncovering usability and technical issues, before translating them into bespoke guidelines and advice. Each programme will upskill your entire team, cement a culture of continuous improvement in your organisation, and extend the reach and quality of your digital products.

A programme of work might include: 

  • Accessibility testing: uncover potential accessibility barriers to your product by deploying a trio of testing activities – manual audits, automated testing and usability testing  
  • Training: empower your team through our tailor-made sessions and resources that teach them about accessibility, its best practice approaches and how to build it into your workflows, component libraries and processes
  • Consultancy: flexibly integrate our accessibility expertise into your organisation and benefit from knowledge sharing, collaboration and immediately actionable advice
  • Strategic planning: create a robust framework that iterates, improves and applies insights to every level of your organisation, from its strategy and systems of design to quality assurance

We are versatile and can tailor our packages to your organisation's needs, budget and capabilities. We also provide ongoing accessibility services as part of agile delivery for the likes of the Met Office, NHS Digital and Innovate UK.

Give your audience a superior and progressive experience that serves every user. Email or call +44 (0)117 929 7333. 

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