Our T-Framework Competitor Analysis uses social media and search data to reveal where the blind spots exist within your market.

The data that the social media web and search volumes hold creates a reflection of the world around us. Using our T-Framework Competitor Analysis, shown below, to deliver a competitor analysis enables us to uncover and track at scale actual customer experiences as they interact with both you and your competition.

T-Analysis - Competitor Analysis

Our T-Framework will help you:

  • Reveal organisational blind spots
  • Uncover opportunities with your market that others are not seeing
  • Show you where weaknesses exist within your sector
  • Prioritise and track key areas of focus

By observing publicly-offered customer feedback and combining this with search engine visibility metrics, we can identify what consumers are looking for and, most importantly, who is currently best positioned to deliver it online.

The T-Framework Competitor Analysis can show you through the eyes of the customer base where the gaps are in your market and, with years of experience delivering groundbreaking digital experiences, we can provide practical, actionable recommendations on how to fill them.

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