Differentiation in a crowded market

You have multiple competitors in your busy market. Margins on your core offering may be thin and lean upstarts or those with deep pockets are ready to undercut you on price. Meanwhile, new features get copied by unscrupulous rivals in a matter of weeks.

How do you differentiate in this cut-throat environment? Beyond survival, how do you build brand loyalty and thought leadership, reduce churn and dramatically increase customer satisfaction?

Excellent experience is a rich and defendable differentiator. It cannot be easily copied, because it runs deeply throughout all the actions of a customer-focused organisation. Experience is marketable; it is compelling for customers and drives market leadership for the long term. It delights.

We lead clients to experience differentiation in three, user-centric steps:

  • Assessment: Do you have the right data about your current situation and has it been analysed in the right way?
  • Application: What data and insight is relevant to your strategy, and what is a potentially costly distraction?
  • Execution: How can your strategy be executed efficiently and your delivered experience scaled?

“Little moments—interactions—combine to make a winning customer experience. You create a strategy for great moments based on an assessment of sound information, and then you scale.”
Simon Norris, Nomensa's Founder & CEO 

It was this type of strategic approach to experience that led nimbl, provider of digital pocket money for young people, to receive industry accolades such as the Best Payments Industry Newcomer for 2018. Read more about this project in our case study.

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