Disrupting and avoiding disruption

Natural psychological biases and organisational culture makes it extremely difficult to identify impending disruption. It is the very nature of successful organisations to streamline existing processes and capitalise on known success.

Making wholesale changes to avoid an as-yet unproven disruptor - changes that often cannibalise existing streams of revenue - is extremely challenging, highly risky and against the instincts of all but the most savvy futurist.

Because of this, disrupting, and avoiding disruption, become two sides of the same coin. The only surefire method of avoiding disruption is to be fanatical about customer focus and continuously evolve as market disruptors.

The customer experience you deliver then continues to outwit the competition simply because you have laser-like focus on customer behaviour, needs and desires.

You repeatedly revolutionise your own delivered experience. Apple and other market leaders don't offer five-year-old experiences; they innovate and advance on an annual basis, investing heavily in new technologies and integrations.

We advise clients in the establishment of organisational structures, tools and resources that position them for this "self disruption". Customer needs become paramount; everyone is on board with the vision, mission and digital strategy.

No part of the experience is held sacred. All employees are tasked with continuous improvement to satisfy ever-evolving customer desires.

Activities to help achieve this total customer focus include an Experience Assessment to improve your experience capability, Future Trends Analysis to understand the trajectory of customer behaviour, and an Experience Map, so you make any and all decisions from a position of knowledge and clarity.

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