Experience Map

Get a holistic view of your delivered experience across all digital touchpoints.

How can you improve your delivered experience if you do not know where you stand?

Strategic improvements to experience require a risk-managed foundation of objective, qualified insight. Then, once you understand what your customers feel, not just what they do, you can take informed action to improve KPIs - especially measures such as loyalty, security and satisfaction that all affect the bottom line.

An Experience Map is the helicopter view of your current experience landscape. Drawing on experience research and expert analysis, it visualises data on how your customers feel and behave when interacting with your organisation, not just online, but also offline, where it affects the online experience. Surveys, reviews, testing, expert analysis—all contribute to an insightful whole.

The resulting map is wall-mount-worthy for your teams' ongoing reference, and makes everyone smarter by communicating a holistic view of experience.

This service delivers a highly-detailed visual experience map. The insights from the map can be used to prioritise and plan improvements to your delivered experience.

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