Nomensa whitepapers

Making Travel Websites Accessible for Everyone

Amani Ali - Accessibility Consultant - takes a look at three main features on travel websites that would benefit from accessibility enhancements: date pickers, accommodation selection and filters.

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Journeys with Unicorns

Simon Norris, Nomensa's Founder and CEO, and Alex Metcalf, UX Consultant, reveal six characteristics and associated perspectives on how some of the famous unicorns are delivering superior UX in their quest for market differentiation and leadership.

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How to Achieve Customer Focus

In Achieving Customer Focus, Simon Norris and Alex Metcalf look at the three commercial benefits of customer focus and provide an overview of the business transformation required to achieve it.

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The Struggle for Existence - On the Origin of the Species

Hannah Tempest - Nomensa's Head of Experience Delivery - examines how apps must exist in a world of fickle users with quick-to-delete fingers and how under-performing apps face extinction, all competing for the same, vital resource: our attention.

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The Struggle for Existence - Deviate or Die

Hannah explores how environmental factors force organisms to variate, change and evolve – or risk being lost to time like the dodo, drawing on examples from the animal kingdom and apps that make survival an art.

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The Struggle for Existence - A Complex Machine in a Perfect State

Hannah describes how components are reused across the natural world, while others are dropped and mutations welcomed. By deploying lessons garnered from evolution, we can refresh, recycle and reuse our ideas, transforming them into multiple manifestations.

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The Struggle for Existence - Beauty and Delight

Hannah looks at the occasionally baffling aesthetic decisions in the animal kingdom and the rare triumphs, but more common pitfalls, of brands choosing shiny components over user experience. In the battle between limited resources and fierce competition, we can all learn to be smarter and more strategic in our decision making.

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The Experience Capability Framework

Where do you start with improving your customer experience (CX) delivery? How do you know if your company is organisationally, culturally, and operationally ready to deliver excellent CX? Simon Norris and Alex Metcalf explore in this whitepaper.

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Nomensa webinars

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