Following the research, strategy development and name generation, we then also delivered the following:

  • Brand vision and philosophy
  • Logo including full brand guidelines
  • Tone of voice guidelines
  • Iconography
  • Prepaid card designs
  • Card holder designs
  • Responsive microsite

Understanding the youth of today to deliver peace of mind for parents

To fully ensure user experience demands are met from the child and the parent’s perspective, we looked at behaviours and attitudes around managing children’s money, the role pre-paid money systems could play, and also gained insight to inform the development of the new brand proposition. 

To collect the data required to inform a robust strategy and brand/proposition development we undertook:

  • Competitor Review
  • Market Place Review;
  • Interviews with parents;
  • An online survey with nearly 6,000 responses;
  • Focus groups with parents;
  • Focus groups with their children.

Today, nimbl exists as a brand name, a prepaid debit MasterCard, and a smartphone app. It enables children to shop online, transfer money and receive balance alerts, while parents can lock and unlock cards remotely, provide regular top ups and even set weekly or monthly spending limits.

Among 6,000 parent-users, feedback includes:

“It keeps my child safe when we’re apart”
“It’s a cornerstone in my child’s financial education”
“It helps my children become thoughtful spenders”
“It’s a symbol of financial independence and maturity”

Nomensa have developed a brand which we are proud of, embodying everything we want our customers to feel about nimbl. If you want a brand with personality that works – you should team up with Nomensa.