As its long-term strategic accessibility partner, we have been instrumental in helping Royal Mail work towards its organisational goal of achieving WCAG 2.0 Level AA. Together we have developed a formal digital accessibility policy and set of guidelines that can be used internally and with external stakeholders, to embed best practice within the digital design and development lifecycle. 

Understanding Royal Mail’s digital estate

Our first task was to take the Royal Mail’s existing development lifecycle and identify when, where and why it would use UX practices and accessibility checkpoints.

We held a workshop with senior digital stakeholders to identify all the strands within their digital vision; this included the creation of a set of best practice guidelines, the requirements of the internal digital toolkits and UX policy. The policy was created to extend to all external organisations and encourage a unified and practical approach to any future interaction with UX and accessibility.

The set of documents we created assist both the internal digital managers and third party partners to make sure accessibility is promoted at all stages of digital design and development projects. 

Nurturing accessibility with ongoing support

Our team continues to work with the Royal Mail to help nurture accessibility across the organisation and support the internal team to take a more user-led approach.  

Our support includes developing solid foundations through accessibility reviews, strategy development and testing. We also provide consultancy and training to support the team as required. We work closely with both Royal Mail and its third party suppliers to continually help improve accessibility and usability for all.