Case Study: Virgin Media Ireland

Call centre logs reveal Augmented Reality (AR) needs

It’s a familiar scene: the new WiFi package is ripped open with gusto, only to reveal an unpromising mix of leads and a plastic box - with no obvious way to put them together. Virgin Media Ireland thought there must be an innovative solution to improve this experience for their customers.

They asked Nomensa to create a concept step-by-step guide to self-installing broadband, using Augmented Reality (AR) technology. As well as pioneering a cutting-edge approach and empowering their customers, this would lead to less pressure on call centres.

In just three weeks, our innovation team created: 

  • An informative and entertaining VR solution to encourage users to self-serve
  • Navigation and live chat features to reduce direct contact
  • An interactive troubleshooting solution to aid staff on location

The customer is always first

We learnt that mobile and tablet devices are the most convenient ways for customers to access AR, so we chose an iPad app as its home. Next up, we researched Virgin Media Ireland’s call centre logs to find the most common issues users called with. Armed with this, we began to design our solution - placing the user, not the technology, at centre stage.

Our designers generated a trial concept and prototype app using 3D animation and video editing tools. We tested effectiveness of the formats as we went in a google VR headset. The aesthetic was fun and informal, illustrated in a light style with a simple interface. 

Now, let’s go back to the person with their new WiFi box. The box is open, but this customer has opened our app on their iPad. This guides them through the process in logical, intuitive steps. Firstly, they can check off each item in the box using their iPad camera. Next, the app instructs them to hold their cable in front of the camera, where it gives directions to where it should connect to the box. 

As the box begins to boot, hot air balloons float around the TV screen, waiting for the customer to pop them and win points. Not only is this a fun game, it also encourages them to stay with the boot-up process. If errors appear on the screen, the app can recognise them, and provide answers on how to fix it. 

Alongside the customer’s app, we created a second concept for engineers, using the same technology. This app allowed them to identify, from street level, where the cables and junction boxes ran underneath the road to help troubleshoot connection issues.

Viva la revolution

Both apps were demonstrated at Liberty Global’s annual Technology Summit in Amsterdam, a platform for showcasing the latest trends and innovations within the industry.

This was a great opportunity for us to explore ways clients could engage with customers beyond the point of sale, harnessing powerful new technology to keep a brand with a customer even in their home. 

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