Digital First

In this whitepaper, Simon Norris explores Digital First as a philosophy and a way of thinking that supports digital integration across devices and contexts and how best to embed and scale it so that it adds value beyond the purely functional.

Download the Digital First whitepaper.


Improving Travel Website Accessibility

Paying attention to web accessibility can increase customer satisfaction, generate revenue, improves brand loyalty and can even enhance search engine performance. It’s also a legal requirement under the Equality Act 2010. But how many travel companies recognise this potential?

Download the Improving Travel Website Accessibility whitepaper.


Trust in the checkout

This report reviews the checkout processes of ten of the top online retailers in the UK. Looking at three aspects - efficiency, emotional engagement and user experience design - we found that very few are getting it all right.

Download the Trust in the checkout whitepaper.


Investigation into the accessibility of travel company websites

This piece of accessibility research identifies Ryanair as the worst travel company for providing their customers online with an accessible experience.

Download the Investigation into the accessibility of travel company websites whitepaper.


Designing the perfect donation process

Nomensa’s CEO, Simon Norris has collaborated with Jason Potts from Think Consulting Solutions to create a whitepaper on designing the perfect donation process.

Download the Designing the perfect donation process whitepaper.


Enhancing the university submission experience whitepaper

University websites are failing to click with prospective students – our detailed white paper includes latest industry insights and our recommendations for improvement.

Download the Enhancing the university submission experience whitepaper.