Experience Assessment

What stops your organisation from delivering excellent User Experience (UX)?

Discover the answer and improve your UX capability to market-leading levels—with the Nomensa Experience Assessment.

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The free assessment takes about 15 minutes to complete and your Experience Assessment scores will be delivered instantly.

Great experience defines modern organisational success stories. Where do you stand?

  • Do you have a talented UX team or agency, but frustratingly remain a Customer Experience (CX) "also ran" in your market?
  • Are you unsure where to invest first to improve the UX and CX your organisation delivers?
  • Do you deliver snippets of great UX in isolation, but struggle to get everything aligned for stellar UX?

You need to approach great experience with an organisation-wide focus. Where do you start?

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Get the assessment of your UX capability.

An Experience Assessment is an analysis of your organisation's UX capability. It covers organisational structure, culture and operations.

It does this by engaging and assessing your organisation across the Six Scales of Experience, from skills and activities through to leadership and performance. You receive insight into each scale's importance, and your tailored scores for each scale.

And with the full service you received prioritised recommendations on how address low scores and achieve UX mastery in your organisation, so you're capable of delivering the Customer Experience you desire.

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Try the free Experience Assessment

The free assessment takes about 15 minutes to complete and your Experience Assessment scores will be delivered instantly.

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When I got the results for my specific situation, I truly understood its potential. I will be offering this to my new Director to continue my conversations with him about his perceptions of UX and where he sees gaps and opportunities.

Leo Frishberg, Sr. Manager - User Experience, Big Box Home Improvement Retailer

Don't just get your results. Get the ammunition to build your business case for UX excellence.

Your Experience Assessment results are accompanied by a complimentary Experience Assessment white paper that gives you additional insight and direction. What does it mean to excel in each of the six scales of UX, and what commercial benefits does it bring?

Between the results and the white paper, you'll have the scores and justification to build a business case for UX investment.

If you want to read the white paper before completing the Assessment, download your copy here.

Download the white paper

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What outputs will I get from the free assessment?

You'll receive:

  • Your indicative scores for each of the Six Scales of UX, helping to direct you where you specifically need to improve UX capability
  • Scores for Design Management and Business Management, the two parts of organisation-wide UX that must be in alignment for you to deliver great experience
  • Your indicative Experience Type assessment, categorising your UX position as one of four well-known situations where corrective measures can be taken
  • Access to the Experience Assessment white paper
Sample of the Experience Assessment results web page, showing example scores and descriptions for two of the six scales

Try the free Experience Assessment

The free assessment takes about 15 minutes to complete and your Experience Assessment scores will be delivered instantly.

Want to take it further?

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Experience Assessment Workshop

Need to up-skill team members in the importance of experience and UX capability?

Our EA workshop brings everyone onboard with these two concepts and establishes a tailored plan for your needs. In a one-day engagement we explore the assessment questions in the context of your unique situation and targets, and identify practical ways to accelerate your team towards UX capability excellence.

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Full Experience Assessment Service

This free EA tool has a limited set of questions, and considers just one perspective: yours.

The full EA service objectively engages your entire organisation, using the complete suite of questions we've built up from decades of experience. You'll also get our senior team's presence and expertise to help put the findings into action.

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Accessibility Assessment

Are you looking to improve your organisation's accessibility?

Our companion Accessibility Assessment service uses the same model as the Experience Assessment, but looks specifically at accessibility capability. How do you compare to best practice, and what can you do to improve?

Try the Accessibility Assessment