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10 reasons why you shouldn't come to Interact London | Nomensa

10 reasons why you shouldn’t come to Interact London

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Thinking about coming to our UX Conference Interact London this year? I’d be wary if I were you. Here’s 10 reasons you should stay well away (or not)…

1. There’s nothing worse than being inspired

Inspiration? No thanks. If you don’t like to be inspired and walk away from an event with great ideas and a fresh outlook then Interact London probably isn’t for you. Sorry.

2. You can’t stand the sight of beautiful spaces

If you’re a fan of dull, grey buildings with zero personality then don’t bother coming along to Interact London. We’re sorry to say it, but our iconic venue, The British Museum is a stunning space.

3. You love paying over the odds to attend events

Some events charge you the world and deliver very little. If that’s your bag, this one isn’t for you I’m afraid. Early Bird tickets are often available and are usually around £300. That, my friend is called a bargain.

4. Innovation? Pfft…

When has innovation ever helped anything, eh?! Pretty much never, right? In that case, don’t come along to Interact London – our speakers deliver some of the most ground-breaking and innovative talks going, so best avoid this one!

5. Networking with your peers and potential clients is the worst

Potential new clients? Making friends with likeminded peers? There will be plenty of both here so maybe just stay at home if that’s not for you.

6. You love really inconvenient locations

If you’d rather go to an event in the middle of nowhere then Interact London isn’t what you’re looking for. We’re slap bang in the centre of London, just a short walk from Tottenham Court Road tube station and on lots of convenient bus routes.

7. You’d rather not hear from the experts

We’ll have some of the leading thinkers in UX, IA and design speaking at Interact London, but what do they know? If being inspired by their insights sounds boring and useless then this event is best avoided.

8. You HATE getting involved

We know it’s sometimes scary asking questions in front of 100s of people at an event, so we encourage all attendees to get involved on social media, posing questions directly to the speakers and discussing all things UX, IA and design online. Not for you? Maybe just stay at the office…

9. Free beer? Hell no

At the end of day one there will be free beers for all attendees. Sounds awful doesn’t it? Don’t worry though, there are loads of bars and pubs in London offering pints of beer for over £5 a pop.

10. You’d rather just listen to the same old people in your office

As well as the leading minds from the UK we’re also flying speakers in from the US, Europe and beyond for Interact London. If hearing talks from UX, IA and design’s global superstars isn’t for you then have a chat with Geoff from IT support again. He knows about Linux and stuff. Exciting.

HOWEVER, if you like your events in convenient, beautiful locations, hearing ground breaking talks from the world’s leading minds on all things UX, IA and design and discussing the topics with your peers over a complimentary beer afterwards then come along to Interact London.

What are you waiting for?

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