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Content Design Services


Content Design Services

Crafting words that matter in Content Design, UX Writing and Copywriting to ensure every word counts

Content design, content writing, UX writing, copywriting… it goes by many names. But whatever you want to call it, here at Nomensa we understand the value of making each word count.

We’re a content design agency. We can help you improve the end-to-end messaging across your digital service, as well as offline channels.

What is content design and why is it important?

Content design takes a user-centred approach to writing online copy. We create clear, digestible and accessible content that makes users’ lives easier.

It could be a new public sector service, revising an e-commerce site or designing an app that shares health information. Whatever you want to say, we can make your words go further.

Good content design transforms the user experience. No matter how good your visual design is, it’s useless if people don’t understand the words on a page.

But content design is about more than just the words. It’s an essential tool in journey and service mapping, structuring information architecture, and establishing iterative research and design cycles.

Around 40% of WCAG accessibility guidelines are judged on content, so it plays a key role in creating inclusive experiences, too.

What are the benefits of improving your content?

  • Creating and implementing a content strategy provides direction and clear intention, as well as helping you to iterate and track your success.
  • Refining or defining your brand voice enhances cross-channel consistency, strengthening brand identity and improving experiences
  • Partnering content design with your SEO strategy boosts your ranking and improves your site’s technical ability
  • Testing and updating your information architecture improves visibility and navigation while reducing drop-outs
  • Inclusive writing embeds accessibility within copy, ensuring that everyone can access and act on content
  • Untangling governance processes increases operational efficiency, the quality and consistency of communication, and establishes accountability and ownership
  • Auditing content can identify issues with existing content, leading to decreases in abandoned baskets and inbound calls to your customer support teams

Our approach

Whether you need help creating something entirely new, test the waters before you design a new service, or you just want to improve what you already have, our content team can help.

We always begin with listening. To you, your stakeholders, your previous research and most importantly, your users. We’ll also work closely with your subject matter experts so we not only understand their priorities but understand how existing services can be improved to support them.

We can be integrated into multidisciplinary UCD teams and act as an extra pair of hands, or we can take the lead if you don’t have the capacity. We can provide consultancy, come in to support on a single project, or we can join your organisation as part of a managed service.

We’re well-versed in working in agile teams, but we’re just as comfortable with waterfall projects. And if you don’t follow either of those working patterns – we can help you set them up, too.


Maybe you want us to do a content discovery, help you come up with a content strategy or get some support while you migrate your website to a new CMS.

You might just need some extra content design resource while you deliver a large programme of work, or maybe you just need us to get our red pen out and improve what’s there.

We can help you with:


From e-commerce giants like M&S to local councils and central government departments, we’ve worked with clients from almost every sector.

For example, in the private sector we:

  • improved content findability, readability and SEO helped achieve a 6% drop in calls to customer support teams for Virgin Media Ireland
  • created user-centred content to support the website rebranding and redesign of the Argyll Club, London’s leading premium business workspace
  • redesigned and rewrote e-commerce content for Tredz, an online cycling retailer

Meanwhile, for public sector and government clients we:

  • provided flexible content design resources to support the Department of International Trade in a fast-moving Brexit landscape and tight deadlines
  • supplied content design resource through a managed service, helping Test and Trace to respond to the pandemic
  • created a tone of voice guide and new information architecture for the Ministry of Justice, helping victims and witnesses of violent crimes
  • supported Walsall Council as it migrated 2500 pages from DNN to LocalGov Drupal, devising a new information architecture and rewriting over 300 pages along the way

We’ve ample experience with charities too. This includes:

  • redesign of RSPCA’s donation journey, with a focus on creating a personalised experience, boosts average gift amounts on touchscreen devices by up to 74%
  • conducted a content review of Drinkaware’s website, identifying problem areas and supplying a roadmap report to fix issues moving forward
  • SEO and plain English content transformation led to a 264% increase in page views for the Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB)

Whether you want us to review a single journey or redesign your whole service, we’re here to help. Get in touch with our dedicated team to see how our content services can transform your digital service.

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