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Social Media Strategy Services


Social Media Strategy Services

Develop a social media strategy to listen, learn and respond to the needs of your connected customer base.

In today’s connected world, social proof is both observable and quantifiable.

A great example of this in a digital context would be a customer looking at reviews on Amazon before making a purchase. Social proof influences your customers and everyone else connected to them. Understanding this dynamic and fluid environment is vital to delivering a commercial advantage in today’s experience economy.

Our social media strategy services combine our expertise in UX research, UX design and web development to deliver a vision that works across your entire digital estate. A vision that ensures your organisation is positioned to understand how best to meet the needs of your customer base.

Our social media strategy services can help you to become more responsive by developing:

  • Social media across your business
  • A digital vision and road map for the future
  • Supporting the digital transformation of your business
  • Developing an end-to-end approach to your customer experience

In order to develop a social strategy that will deliver true value to your organisation, we will work collaboratively with your teams to focus attention on the connection between your customers’ experiences and your business objectives.

We start with an in-depth review of your organisation, looking at your online footprint and digital assets, as well as breaking down your target audiences and how they are behaving online. From this we develop a social strategy with targeted objectives and tangible KPIs linked to your business goals. This ensures that all activity is strategically aligned with the results you want to achieve and can be communicated effectively across the business so that all activity is well integrated to have the biggest impact.

Once the strategy is complete, we develop detailed activity timelines, a social media policy and guidelines and a roadmap to keep you on track. As part of our Listen, Learn and Respond approach we monitor and track results on an ongoing basis and work with you to tweak activity as and when required.

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Our social media strategic services help to provide coherence and coordination across all of your digital projects and products.

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