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Drupal Development Services


Drupal Development Services

Our experts customise and extend the open-source Drupal content management system to fit a wide range of content needs.

We’ve been working with Drupal for years, with clients across sectors. Our team coax the best from the system, and expand its capabilities to achieve great results.

Our experts customise and extend the open-source Drupal content management system to fit a wide range of content needs.

Drupal commissioning and customisation

Drupal is a very flexible content management system, it allows management of different types of content, from news items to downloads, maps and brochure pages. We can customise Drupal to offer the exact types of content relevant for your organisation, and provision approvals flows, dashboards and views to allow you to achieve what you need in a user-friendly environment.

We do this as part of all of our new Drupal projects, but we also offer Drupal consulting services in general, so we can help you transform a Drupal site that is difficult to use into one that guides your content team to successful outcomes.

Custom Drupal development

Drupal can do a great deal out-of-the-box, and even more when combined with community modules. Our certified Drupal Developers are well-embedded in this community, running meetups around the country, but we also build on the open-source platform to achieve specific additions for our customers.

We write high-quality, tested PHP code to enhance Drupal with additional components, APIs and user-facing features. We have created headless Drupal sites with custom APIs, enhanced cookie compliance features, single-sign-on integrations and much more.

Of course, as world-class accessibility experts, we also offer Drupal theming services that combine great design with an unbeatable knowledge of the WCAG accessibility guidelines and standards. Our Drupal themes use the latest web technologies to deliver immersive experiences without compromising on accessibility or performance.

Drupal migration

Refreshing a website and changing content management systems can be a great time to do a periodic review of content. Our expert content team can help with the practicalities of this, from auditing through to remediation and transfer into the new content management system, using the appropriate Drupal content types and features.

We also have extensive experience in automated migrations. We use the Drupal migrations framework to import content in a structured way, allowing trial-runs and iteration to support transitioning large content systems that change frequently. Our developers actively contribute to this ecosystem, for example we built a process to migrate from Contentful to Drupal for Essex County Council, releasing our work as open-source to the Drupal community.

Drupal maintenance, support and upgrades

An advantage of Drupal is the great security support offered for the CMS and additional modules. We offer maintenance and support packages that include patching Drupal and monitoring for vulnerabilities and outages, as well as on-going support for enhancements.

As well as planned maintenance, we offer multiple levels of out-of-hours service desk, up to a 24/7 support service to respond to any major incidents rapidly.

New major releases of Drupal are an annual occurrence, we build our sites to allow for upgrades to newer versions efficiently, offering you new features and improvements. We also have extensive experience ‘adopting’ Drupal sites developed elsewhere, where we work with you to build a backlog of enhancements and maintenance work that directly benefits you.

Drupal hosting

We offer Drupal hosting across multiple major providers. We work with AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform for software delivery, and we have experience running Drupal in each of these. We can offer you customised hosting in any of these platforms, either as a service or working with your IT team to deploy within an existing account you have. Our deployments within these platforms use auto-scaling, CDNs and WAFs to offer highly reliable, secure and efficient hosting. These platforms have an SLA of 99.5%, but our self-healing and auto-scaling deployments normally exceed 99.99% uptime.

We have also partnered with Acquia to offer their suite of tools, including Acquia Cloud platform and Site Factory. This system allows for your team to manage Drupal sites at scale, with a guaranteed SLA of 99.99% uptime.

Drupal for the private sector

We have great experience delivering Drupal sites for businesses, combining the power of Drupal with e-commerce systems and payment processors. We can also offer integrations with Acquia’s DXP and Marketing Cloud services, offering flexible personalisation, digital asset management and a customer data platform to match your needs.

We use our experience in SEO, Data and User Experience to optimise our Drupal sites. Our experts will work with you to set up analytics and goal tracking, so we can optimise your funnels and journeys against real user data.

Drupal for the public sector

We’ve delivered Drupal sites for multiple government clients, especially using LocalGov Drupal. We have extensive public sector experience, working with departments across central and local government, as well as the NHS and arms-length bodies.

As well as following the user-centred approach that has seen us partner with GDS on multiple occasions, we are experienced in meeting and exceeding government standards. We’re confident in our hosting designs, and have taken them through assurance processes for multiple departments. Our deliveries follow the Technology Code of Practice and NCSC CyberSecurity Principles.

Let’s work together

We have supported Drupal projects from initial proof-of-concept, training development teams and creating content to demonstrate its value, through discovery, alpha, beta and live phases. Whether you’re looking to deliver a large-scale transformation, or considering if Drupal could be part of your technology offering in future, we’d love to chat. Get in touch today.

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