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Central Government Services


Central Government Services

Nomensa is a leading supplier of digital services to the UK central government.

Government services touch every aspect of public life. We don’t always have a choice about whether or not we use them, but as an agency we believe that those interactions matter – and they can and should be simple, engaging and harmonised across every touchpoint.

We’ve been serving central government clients since we set up office back in 2001. Since then, we’ve helped countless local councils and centralised government departments move through the GDS framework and beyond.

We help central government organisations build the right digital foundations and improve their capabilities. But we understand that digital transformation for the central government means more than just creating shiny new systems.

What truly makes a service successful is cultural change and team buy in. That’s why we partner closely with our clients to share expertise, foster talent and improve skills.

Flexible and collaborative support

We can provide direct support, consultancy and embed ourselves within existing teams and workstreams. We use tactics like team ideation sessions, stakeholder workshops, daily stand-ups and regular show and tells to encourage collaboration.

Collaboration is more than just a buzzword for us. It is key to delivering outcomes and building long-term relationships. We’ll work in a way that works for your team, whether that’s onsite, remotely or a mixture of both.

Designing for humans

Unlike the private sector, government services aren’t trying to sell or push for any outcome. They inform and advise, and they’re accessible and personalised to the needs of their users. This ethos matches perfectly with our own and aligns with our accessibility, user research, design and content credentials.

We believe in humanising technology, and we also understand the unique challenges the central government faces. But it’s these challenges – and the scope of people we want to help – is what makes working with councils, centralised government departments and arms’ length organisations so rewarding.

We design services that are:

  • User-focused
  • Data-driven
  • Accessible
  • Scalable
  • Secure
  • Reliable

Services we offer:

Digital transformation: we use user-centred research and design principles to transform your users’ experience of your services.

Service design: by mapping out your service, we can spot painpoints, gaps in delivery and opportunities to unify online and offline systems. We can design and deliver new services, too.

User research and usability testing: we run thousands of user research sessions every year within our testing labs. Find out how we can give you a deeper understanding of your users and create services that meet their needs.

Content design and strategy: writing to meet the needs of the entire population is no easy feat. Our content designers wed on-page expertise with content strategy to ensure your services are understood and accessed by everyone.

Accessibility: as a leading authority on accessibility, we can help your service meet the latest accessibility regulations. Making sure as many people as possible can use your service is not only a legal requirement for all Central Government bodies it’s also the right thing to do.

Interaction design: great design on government websites stops everyday services from being a challenge to move through. We work out the best way for users to interact with your services, including websites and apps.

Digital development: we build, maintain and monitor websites, apps and services that meet the needs of your users, using the latest innovations in development technologies.

Our experience

We have worked with central government departments and public bodies including:

  • Government Digital Service (GDS)
  • Cabinet Office
  • Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy
  • Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs
  • Department for International Trade
  • Department for Work & Pensions
  • The Insolvency Service

We have implemented digital transformation for local councils including:

  • Brent Council
  • Cornwall Council
  • Essex Council
  • Lambeth Council
  • North Somerset Council
  • Walsall Council

We have collaborated with specialist central government bodies and agencies including:

  • Met Office
  • National Highways
  • NHS
  • Office for National Statistics
  • UK Research and Innovation

How to work with us

As a supplier on the Digital Marketplace, you can buy our services through:

You can also reach out to our dedicated government team who can talk to you about your challenges and ambitions, and how Nomensa can help you meet your goals.

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