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Procurement frameworks

We are a leading supplier of digital transformation and services in the public and private sectors.

We are a leading supplier of digital transformation and services in the public and private sectors. Find us using these frameworks.

G-Cloud 13

Agreement ID: RM1557.13

We’re part of the G-Cloud 13 framework used by public sector organisations to buy cloud services. We offer accessibility services, experience design, development, digital transformation and much more.

Digital Outcomes and Specialists 6 (DOS 6)

Agreement ID: RM1043.8

DOS 6 offers procurement of digital and data skills to public sector organisations for transformation projects and programmes. This can be individuals to work in your team.

We can provide:

  • Lot 1 – Digital outcomes
  • Lot 3 – User research participants

Research & Insights

Agreement ID: RM6126

You can access research and insights services for projects of all sizes through this dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for public sector organisations.

We provide all research services in this framework.

Digital Inclusion and Support

Agreement ID: RM6209

The Digital Inclusion and Support framework allows central government departments, public sector organisations and charities to buy services related to assisted digital and digital inclusion.

Our services on this framework include support, design and delivery.


Sell2Wales is a procurement portal for public sector services in Wales.

Through this framework, we can provide our services to:

  • the Welsh Government
  • local authorities
  • NHS Trusts
  • colleges and universities

Public Contracts Scotland

We provide our services to public sector organisations in Scotland through Public Contracts Scotland.


You can find our services for public sector organisations on the Bloom framework.

Accelerated Capability Environment (ACE)

We provide services to Accelerated Capability Environment (ACE), a Home Office group that addresses technology and data problems facing public sector organisations.

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