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We create digital experiences that enable brands to connect and understand their audiences.

  1. Department for International Trade


    Department for International Trade

    Client: Department for International TradeSector:
    4 minutes, 31 seconds

    A race against the clock. The Department for International Trade (DIT) has been in a race against the clock to build up its capacity in the run-up to EU Exit and the transition period. Nomensa…

  2. Alzheimers Memory Walk


    Alzheimers Memory Walk

    Client: The Alzheimer's SocietySector:
    5 minutes, 17 seconds

    The Alzheimer’s Society’s Memory Walk is a sponsored event that sees people of all ages and abilities unite to raise money and defeat dementia. The walks are spread across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and are…

  3. British Red Cross


    British Red Cross

    Client: British Red CrossSector:
    2 minutes, 31 seconds

    The British Red Cross mobilise humanity so that people in crisis can recover. Their reach is global and their staff are spread across 100 offices. Inside the organisation, change was afoot and longstanding issues were…

  4. Eden Project UX Redesign


    Eden Project UX Redesign

    Client: Eden ProjectSector:
    2 minutes, 17 seconds

    As a world-class visitor attraction, uniting the human race with the living world around it is a key priority for The Eden Project. This has played out in real-time following the launch of a revamped visitor website.…

  5. Girlguiding accessible future


    Girlguiding accessible future

    Client: GirlguidingSector:
    4 minutes, 24 seconds

    Girlguiding was founded on a simple assertion: that girls can, and do, amazing things when given the chance. Now, over a hundred years later, Girlguiding’s commitment to connecting girls from all walks of lives with opportunities…

  6. Highways England – Dart Charge


    Highways England – Dart Charge

    Client: Highways EnglandSector:
    6 minutes, 33 seconds

    Highways England is the government organisation responsible for planning, building, operating and maintaining Britain’s motorways and major A roads. Highways England also delivers information and assistance to millions of people. It helps the economy thrive by…

  7. IICSA



    Client: IICSASector:
    6 minutes, 31 seconds

    We’ve been working with the Independent Inquiry Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) since 2015. Over the course of this ongoing partnership, we have provided support across 15 investigations, helping IICSA to launch, maintain and continually develop…

  8. Liberty Global


    Liberty Global

    Client: Liberty GlobalSector:
    3 minutes, 18 seconds

    Liberty Global is the world’s largest international TV and broadband provider. Operating under five consumer brands, they connect over 22 million customers in 12 different European countries to their next-generation services.** In 2015, we partnered with…

  9. Liberty Global – Pan-European retail transformation


    Liberty Global – Pan-European retail transformation

    Client: Liberty GlobalSector:
    4 minutes, 28 seconds

    Enabling busy staff to deliver the best in class customer experience, without exception. Liberty Global is the world’s largest TV and broadband provider, connecting 21 million customers under the brands of Virgin Media, UPC, UnityMedia and…

  10. National Trust – Award Winning Virtual Reality


    National Trust – Award Winning Virtual Reality

    Client: National TrustSector:
    3 minutes, 27 seconds

    In October 2017 we scooped the Digital Innovation award at WireHive 100 for our Virtual Reality (VR) project with the National Trust. We had already been experimenting with VR – interested particularly in its potential as…

  11. NHS Blood and Transplant website redesign


    NHS Blood and Transplant website redesign

    Client: NHS Blood and TransplantSector:
    2 minutes, 11 seconds

    Usability is everything. And, when it comes to the NHS, it can save lives. This was demonstrated in dramatic fashion shortly after the Beta launch of our newly designed organ donation website for the NHS Blood…

  12. nimbl UX research design brand


    nimbl UX research design brand

    Client: nimblSector:
    2 minutes, 16 seconds

    ParentPay is revolutionising the way that young people across the UK spend and save. Wishing to launch a parent-approved solution that provides young people with the tools to digitally track and accesses their finances, they…

  13. QAA Website Optimisation


    QAA Website Optimisation

    Client: QAASector:
    6 minutes, 16 seconds

    Website optimisation driven by UX and content strategy. The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) is the UK’s independent quality body that regulates and safeguards the standards of UK higher education, wherever it is delivered in the world.…

  14. Royal Mail Accessibility Strategy


    Royal Mail Accessibility Strategy

    Client: Royal MailSector:
    2 minutes, 12 seconds

    As the UK’s universal service provider, delivering a six-days-a-week, one-price-goes-anywhere postal service to more than 29 million addresses across the UK, Royal Mail wanted to make digital accessibility a key priority. Focusing on high-quality user experience, we…

  15. RSSB



    Client: RSSBSector:
    5 minutes, 23 seconds

    The RSSB (Rail Safety and Standards Board) is a respected knowledge holder within the rail industry. However, some of its paying members were not engaging with the organisation’s online resources – partly because of their…

  16. Walsall – Simplifying council services


    Walsall – Simplifying council services

    Client: Walsall CouncilSector:
    3 minutes, 24 seconds

    After working with Nomensa, Walsall Council can easily create cohesive, best-practice digital design that powerfully serves its citizens. It happens to the best of us. Walsall Council were spending resources maintaining an old, disconnected network of websites…

  17. National Highways – DMRB


    National Highways – DMRB

    Client: National HighwaysSector:
    6 minutes, 10 seconds

    We’ve been working closely with National Highways for three years now. Together, we’ve tackled usability challenges, mapped out journeys of the digital and physical kind, and created tailored tone of voice and design guides for…

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