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Government case studies | Nomensa


Through our user-centred approach and expertise in UX design, research, and strategy, we have helped governments improve their digital services. Discover how our solutions have driven efficiency, accessibility, and user satisfaction in public sector projects by reading our case studies.

  1. Met Office – humanising the weather


    Met Office – humanising the weather

    Client: Met OfficeSector:
    4 minutes, 49 seconds

    Met Office is one of the UK’s most important national assets. It’s more than a service that tells you whether or not to bring a brolly. It plays a strategically vital role in the provision of…

  2. National Highways – DMRB


    National Highways – DMRB

    Client: National HighwaysSector:
    6 minutes, 10 seconds

    We’ve been working closely with National Highways for three years now. Together, we’ve tackled usability challenges, mapped out journeys of the digital and physical kind, and created tailored tone of voice and design guides for…

  3. Department for International Trade


    Department for International Trade

    Client: Department for International TradeSector:
    4 minutes, 31 seconds

    A race against the clock. The Department for International Trade (DIT) has been in a race against the clock to build up its capacity in the run-up to EU Exit and the transition period. Nomensa…

  4. Walsall – Simplifying council services


    Walsall – Simplifying council services

    Client: Walsall CouncilSector:
    3 minutes, 24 seconds

    After working with Nomensa, Walsall Council can easily create cohesive, best-practice digital design that powerfully serves its citizens. It happens to the best of us. Walsall Council were spending resources maintaining an old, disconnected network of websites…

  5. Highways England – Dart Charge


    Highways England – Dart Charge

    Client: Highways EnglandSector:
    6 minutes, 33 seconds

    Highways England is the government organisation responsible for planning, building, operating and maintaining Britain’s motorways and major A roads. Highways England also delivers information and assistance to millions of people. It helps the economy thrive by…

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