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Google Analytics Consulting Services


Google Analytics Consulting Services

Google Analytics is more than just a simple tool for tracking website traffic. It's a wealth of data about how people navigate your content.

Building a wealth of behavioural data about your products and services gives you a competitive advantage. Being able to quantify the quality of the experience you are delivering helps you focus resources on driving lasting improvements.

Experience optimisation develops continuous feedback cycles that deliver value to your organisation and users.

Our expertise in experience design, data, and development mean we are ideally placed to create reporting solutions that are rich in meaningful data.

“At Nomensa we deliver world-class experiences, but without the data to prove it, who cares?”

Peter Kay, Experience Optimisation Lead

Google Analytics Services

As a Google Analytics agency our team helps organisations with every element of their analytics. This includes:

  • Google Analytics Audit Service: Want to know if your Analytics account is providing trustworthy data? We can audit your entire tracking setup including your Google Tag Manager. We can help you correct tags that are not working and streamline your accounts to make them easier to use.
  • Google Analytics Setup Service: Starting with a blank canvas is not as big a problem as it might seem. When including Analytics thinking at the design stage of your website, you can allow for sophisticated event and user tracking. We will also ensure that you comply with GDPR regulations.
  • Google Analytics 4 Migration Service: Need to make the switch across to Google Analytics 4 (GA4)? We can help. This new version of Analytics can seem daunting at first. However, with the correct setup tailored to your needs, it can provide more insights than ever before.
  • Google Analytics Dashboard Creation: If you have multiple stakeholders to communicate with, it can become tiresome creating reports from scratch each month. Using Datastudio (now Looker) our team can create automated and customised reports from your GA4 data.

How our analytics service works

Nomensa triple diamond approach
Nomensa’s triple diamond

Nomensa has developed the Design Council’s Double Diamond approach to include a third diamond that we call diamond zero. This is ensures that our work always ties in with your broader strategy. For our Google Analytics services this looks like:

Understanding the needs of your organisation: We take the time to understand your value proposition, your customers and how your strategy works to serve these needs. Together we will review your KPIs to understand their value and discuss new areas we could begin to measure performance. We will explore how data feeds into your decision making and the part it has to play in helping you achieve success.

Understanding your reporting needs: We will review your current reporting strategy and Google Analytics implementation against your KPIs. We will take the time to understand the value of the data for your organisation. This helps everyone to identify any gaps and additional data needs.

Tailoring and agreeing the solution: By mapping out the current data framework behind your website and reviewing your APIs we will design a bespoke solution that meets your needs. We will work with you to understand your tech stack and the implications this may have on our solution. You will be involved at every stage of the design to ensure both you and your team understand the impact it will deliver.

Delivering a fully integrated GA4 solution: Working across your current tech stack we will configure the agreed solution ensuring data continuity, user privacy. We will deliver a solution, building the capability of your team. Our approach sees us empowering our client so you understand what is being measured and the activities it relates to.

This triple diamond approach ensures that the time and space is created to fully explore your strategic objectives so that the analytics you gain inform against both your tactical and strategic KPIs.

Benefits of a Google Analytics setup

A comprehensive Google Analytics setup helps you:

  • demonstrate the return on investment your website delivers
  • measure how much your service is used
  • track and piece together the user’s journey accurately and efficiently as they move around your digital estate
  • identify where your digital estate is working well and uncover areas that could be improved
  • track the impact of design and content changes and demonstrate the impact to stakeholders
  • measure the impact of paid marketing campaigns or SEO strategies
  • create custom audiences ready for importing into Google Ads
  • have better control over what personal data is collected so your ads will always comply with privacy regulations
  • understand what future actions users might take

Our unique perspective in delivering experience design means we have tried and tested techniques that discover the strategic needs of our clients and the capabilities of their teams and technology.

This ensures we develop GA4 solutions that deliver accurate and dependable data for our clients. Data that creates a return on investment for many years to come. If you have any questions about our Google Analytics 4 services, we are happy to help!

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