At Nomensa, we're passionate about accessibility and believe the web should be inclusive to anyone and everyone.

We've put together an infographic based on the W3C's ten easy checks. While this is by no means an extensive checklist, we hope it will help when considering the first steps that can be taken in order to ensure your website is accessible.


Infographic showing checklist of ten factors to improve web accessibility

Download the full infographic


Here is the long description of the PDF.

Making your site accessible

  1. Provide a descriptive page title
  2. Offer alternative text (alt text)
  3. Mark up headings
  4. Provide sufficient colour contrast
  5. Allow text to be resized
  6. Provide a visible keyboard focus
  7. Mark up forms, labels and errors
  8. Allow moving, flashing or blinking content to be controlled
  9. Make multimedia alternatives available
  10. Conduct a basic structure check

Basic checks


  • Luminosity contrast of at least 4.5:1
  • Highlighted tabbing


  • Creating a minimally designed site can allow information to be understood.


  • Complete keyboard control when navigating a site.


  • Captions or sign language on multimedia.

If you would like to learn more about how to ensure your digital estate is accessible, or build accessibility into your digital strategy, please drop us a line or give us a call on +44 (0)117 929 7333.

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