Service Design

Services – like products, buildings and websites – are designed. Every interaction, whether that be with a member of staff, across digital platforms or through physical environments, should be crafted to meet and exceed your users’ needs and aspirations.

Fantastic services are almost invisible. They support you, as you do what you need to. They answer needs you didn’t even know you had, and they do so elegantly and easily.

Meanwhile, poor services – the ones where you get stuck in call centre loops, can’t find your way around a building, or repeat the same information to ten different people, well they really stand out. And as a customer, you’ll do a lot to avoid them.

We start by understanding your service users (or potential users); examining how they live, what they need to do, their expectations, their influences. For new services, we define needs, hopes and goals, uncovering the gaps in the market, and showing how your new service or product can fill it.

For existing services, we also work closely with you and your staff to build a clear picture of how and why the user’s experience is what it is. That means considering the systems, data, staff, organisational design, partnerships and business models that make it up.

We want to take you on that journey; helping you to create a human-centric organisation that’s equipped with the tools and knowledge to continue running a successful service. A flexible, adaptable service that can respond to changing needs and market forces.

We’ll help you create and maintain services that are useful, efficient, effective, usable and desirable. Get it right and you’ll see satisfaction, loyalty, advocacy in your customers, with growth, cost-savings and profits for your business. A service design approach is participatory and often transformative, delivering outcomes as well as outputs for a lasting impact.

So, what does this process entail?

  • Ethnographic Research
  • In-depth interviews
  • Diary Studies
  • Data analysis
  • Workshops
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Journey Mapping
  • Co-design sessions
  • Prototyping (digital and live)

What it achieves:

  • Insights
  • Strategy
  • Personas
  • Customer experience maps
  • Service blueprints
  • Service Ecosystem maps
  • Prototypes (digital and non)
  • Service Concepts


Through a suite of solutions and strategic services, we can lead you in establishing customer focus and delivering experience excellence. Whether you’re solving immediate problems or planning a future of market leadership, if you’re ready, we’re ready.

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