User Research

User research provides a window into your customers’ world: from what they need to what makes them tick.

Research takes the guesswork out of creating a great user experience.

We’ve been conducting research with customers and users across the world since 2001, so we know how to get inside their minds to give you the insight and evidence you need to make the right decisions.

Our user research services can help with all manner of challenges and questions, such as:

  • Why is our site experiencing problems, like falling conversion rates?

  • How can we attract new audiences?

  • How can we make our digital services fit better into our users’ lives?

  • We have an idea for a new product – how do we make sure it’s what users want?

  • How can we help people find things on our site?

  • How can we provide an excellent multi-channel experience?

We provide the full set of UX research services, including usability testing, information architecture, research interviews, online surveys, personas, user journey maps, analytics reviews and ethnographic research.

What makes us different is our skill in putting the right combination of techniques together to provide the insight you need. And many of our UX researchers have degrees in Psychology or related subjects, giving them the skills and understanding to get inside your customers’ heads.

Research provides no value unless it’s translated into practical, actionable recommendations. We tailor our deliverables to your needs. Whether you want a full detailed report, a simple poster or set of persona cards, we’re happy to suggest innovative (and usable!) ways of delivering our findings

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UX Strategy

Our UX strategy services help to provide coherence and coordination across all of your digital projects and products.

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Highways England - welcome to the DMRB

Highways England - DMRB

In early 2020, we were tasked with designing and building the a new digital home for Highways England’s online design manual.

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We believe that creating groundbreaking experiences that make measurable differences in the way people live takes a special type of collaboration. Our team designs impactful experiences by leaning on the variety of capabilities and expertise within Nomensa to ensure our solution is bespoke to your needs. We believe collaboration is key, let’s work together.

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