Put simply, we solve business problems with experience design.

Does your organisation thrive in our hyper-competitive, interconnected world? Attempting to stand out through features or price is increasingly fraught with commercial danger. A quick and nimble competitor copying your efforts is enough to throw you to the back of the pack of undifferentiated offerings.

We believe that organisations aspiring for market leadership should instead rally around an experience-led value proposition to carve out their competitive advantage.

Excellent experience is joyful for customers to receive and exhilarating for employees to deliver. It is also a solid foundation for long-term commercial success and integral to KPIs such as Customer Satisfaction and Customer Lifetime Value. Intangible, difficult to copy and frustrating for competitors, experience is your ace card.

Where does an experience-led value proposition begin? 'Experience' is a broad term that may at first seem difficult to dissect. How do you know specifically what to do and what strategy to set when designing an excellent Customer Experience?

The answer lies in achieving organisation-wide customer focus. Every employee champions the needs of the customer. Every employee is empowered to improve experience in line with your value propositions, mission and vision. Performance measurement, skills and activities, strategy and leadership—experience excellence permeates every aspect of what you do.

“Customers are delighted and moved by rich experiences that address their needs. The leadership potential of differentiated experience simply dwarfs what is achievable through features or price. An excellent customer experience is the ultimate competitive advantage.”

Simon Norris, Nomensa's Founder & CEO

Through a suite of solutions and strategic services, we can lead you in establishing customer focus and delivering experience excellence.

Whether you're solving immediate problems or planning a future of market leadership, if you're ready, we're ready.


Disrupting and avoiding disruption

The same strategy that protects you from disruption also turns you into the disruptor. By aligning your organisation around customer experience excellence, you can achieve transformation and market dominance.

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Improving customer satisfaction

If any part of your digital estate is contributing to lacklustre Customer Satisfaction, we can identify where and why, and show you how to improve by giving you a focused roadmap and clear pipeline of work.

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Differentiation in a crowded market

Attempting to differentiate on features or price alone leaves you at the mercy of competitors. In contrast, a tailored, experience-driven strategy is a rich differentiator that is both sustainable and scalable.

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Strategic Services

Future trends analysis

Reduce strategic risk and make smarter long-term investments. Access an exclusive, objective analysis of your market's experience trajectory and your customers’ future expectations. We'll separate the distractions from the game-changers, so you can capitalise on what really matters.

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Experience assessment

Does your organisation have the capability to deliver excellent Customer Experience? You can find out how you rank across six research-backed scales using our Experience Assessment Survey.

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Experience Map

Where should you prioritise your efforts to improve KPIs? An Experience Map is your comprehensive guide to the channels and journeys that define your delivered experience. By auditing various touchpoints, you'll see the root causes of underperformance, and align thinking and knowledge across your organisation.

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To find out more about how we can help improve your strategic UX, email us at hello@nomensa.com, call 0117 929 7333 or send us a message.

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