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Bringing people back to nature by enhancing a life lived online

As a world-class visitor attraction, uniting the human race with the living world around it is a key priority for The Eden Project. This has played out in real-time following the launch of a revamped visitor website.

Tasked with simplifying the online user journey in order to increase advanced ticket sales, and also to create a fully responsive online platform with real ‘wow’ factor, the likelihood of visitors arriving ‘ad hoc’ reduced dramatically.

In just over 12 months, the site has seen:

  • 40% increase in visitor numbers referred to the bookings site from the main page

  • 27% increase in page views to 5.8 million

  • 19% increase in site visits on the previous year to 1.8 million

  • 11% increase in audience size on the previous year to 1.2 million

  • 8% decrease in bounce rate overall, and a 10% decrease on mobile devices

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Watching Nomensa take our values and turn them into tangible outputs bringing in real time results has been a fascinating and insightful experience for us all here at The Eden Project

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Gaining more than just a commitment to visit

Since the relaunch in April 2015, the website’s performance has improved significantly compared to the previous year. Based on the period April to November 2015 some of The Eden Project’s educational resources are now also appearing in the top 10 most visited pages, traffic to charity-focused pages has risen by 6%, and the organisation has been delighted by comments from the public such as:

“We were considering a visit but were hesitant due to the distance away. Having looked at your website it is now a definite… it is brilliant. Easy to use and navigate with absolutely everything you need to know.”

Drawing on Drupal to guide the design process through a core set of user journeys

With extensive experience in the charity and visitor attraction sectors, we set about rebuilding The Eden Project site on a responsive framework using Drupal.

By implementing a research-based approach and working in close collaboration with The Eden Project team, we created a core set of user journeys that guided the subsequent design work following extensive on-site user research, internal stakeholder interviews and usability testing.

As such, landing pages have been carefully designed to provide an at-a-glance overview of all that The Eden Project has to offer. A simple navigation structure routes users quickly to the information they’re looking for, whether that’s opening times, lesson plans, sustainability tips or volunteering opportunities.

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Let's work together

We believe that creating groundbreaking experiences that make measurable differences in the way people live takes a special type of collaboration. Our team designs impactful experiences by leaning on the variety of capabilities and expertise within Nomensa to ensure our solution is bespoke to your needs. We believe collaboration is key, let’s work together.

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User Research

User research provides a window into your customers’ world: from what they need to what makes them tick.

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