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A pan-European experience transformation that delivered sustained efficiencies, operational excellence and an enriched customer service

Liberty Global is the world’s largest international TV and broadband provider.

Operating under five consumer brands, they connect over 22 million customers in 12 different European countries to their next-generation services.**

In 2015, we partnered with them on a strategic vision of experience transformation. This leveraged our expertise in psychology, design and technology, and would strengthen their competitive stance in all their European markets. The centralised framework also meant each business saw huge savings in delivery times and costs.

The single solution that translates across markets

Liberty Global’s different markets all performed well, but their strengths varied; for example, some excelled at selling, while others were leaders in customer retention and care. The single strategy we developed enabled a series of digital solutions, built on the same platform, that helped them to share this knowledge and generate greater cohesion between the markets.

Liberty Global
Strategic European UX Design Partner

Connecting over 22 million customers in 12 different European Countries to their TV and broadband.

The strategic framework was designed to translate across each European market.
Generating efficiency in delivery and maintenance, consistency of experience across markets.

Ans strengthen competitive advantage as a group.

We worked cross organisationally, from the broad right through to call centre staff to shape solutions.

Research and testing helped us to understand each user need

Interviews revealed the systems and processes involved.

The collaboration meant the whole business got behind the transformation

Our insight driven digital transformation programme delivered a European framework:
• Information architecture
• Design system
• Component library

Pan European Procut IA
Based around having prominent products in the top level navigation.

Insight driven design system
• Component design
• Template Configuration
• Content guidance
• Author training

The design system was adaptable to all brands and languages

Rapid delivery & deployment

The framework enabled rapid delivery and deployment.
Dramatically simplifying sales and self-service experiences.
Acquisition, onboarding and retention have benefited from a more seamless route to purchase and an enhance menu supporting commercial performance of the site.

“new tools, new processes and what will surely be recognised as a new best in class customer experience – immense amounts of learning from one project.”

Ifah Sivak, Digital Platforms and Services Senior Manager, Virgin Media Ireland.

“You have just made a huge difference to our business”
Duncan Higgins, Marketing Director, Virgin Media UK

Nomensa and Liberty Global, partnering to deliver a pan-European experience transformation that delivered sustained efficiencies, operational excellence and an enriched customer service.

An insight-driven framework for optimum agility

We began with Virgin Media Ireland’s consumer site. This programme of digital transformation was underpinned by an insight-driven framework, formed of IA, design templates and component library, that drastically enhanced key sales journeys, maximised acquisition, provided seamless onboarding and improved retention.

The robustly tested design patterns, templates and technical component library were stored in the centralised experience platform: Adobe Experience Manager. Crucially, this B2C offering was flexible enough to be rapidly applied to Liberty Global’s B2B Pan-European market – where they had set their sights set next.

Collage of images showing the website
Collage of images showing the team work process and the methodologies

It has been an amazing journey and the best experience I had working on such a large scale project. Looking forward to working with you on continuing our improved customer experience journey and driving digital awareness across the business and our customers.

Ifah Sivak

Digital Platforms & Service Senior Manager at Virgin Media Ireland

A central experience platform

The same strategic framework was rolled-out in the award-winning solution for Virgin Media Business UK, then to UPC Switzerland and Unitymedia in Germany. We worked closely with Liberty Global’s technical development team both on and offshore to support the design and build of each complex site. They were built at speed, with the original components developed in Ireland.

The utilisation of the experience platform ensured each market deployment benefited from significant efficiencies in delivery, reduced technical process and enhanced consistency of experience; whilst still enabling them to tailor their content and operation practices locally. Working from one market to the next in this way, also allowed us to observe and exploit the huge opportunity for refinement at each rollout and share it with the other markets.

Collaboration at every level

Fundamental to our success was our ability to work cross-organisationally - from VPs to digital teams, right through to the call centre staff. We undertook interviews to really understand the processes and systems in place and analyse the data and research. We also established a UX working group to work with the different digital teams. This led to greater cross-pollination of ideas, learning and social celebration of the successes the strategy helped deliver.

This collaboration guaranteed the necessary consensus for such a seismic change and meant their insights helped to shape the strategy and solutions. It also empowered them with the skills, materials and guidance to continue developing the solution after we had left.

As the Pan-European roll-out continues, the results speak for themselves: higher retention rates, more customers self-serving with better content and an ever-more personalised experience across the board. The strategic framework continues to grow - keeping Liberty Global agile and responsive enough to stay ahead of the rest: locally and globally.

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We believe that creating groundbreaking experiences that make measurable differences in the way people live takes a special type of collaboration. Our team designs impactful experiences by leaning on the variety of capabilities and expertise within Nomensa to ensure our solution is bespoke to your needs. We believe collaboration is key, let’s work together.

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