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Elevating Digital Banking with Dominic Greenwood, Expersoft COO | Nomensa

Elevating digital banking – a conversation with Dominic Greenwood, Group COO at Expersoft Systems

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Nomensa recently collaborated with Expersoft to redesign their award-winning PM1 digital banking and investment platform.

Leveraging Nomensa’s Strategic Experience Design expertise, the team integrated UX, Design, and Accessibility to deliver a sophisticated user experience across both web and app interfaces. This venture aims to augment PM1’s distinctiveness, empowering Expersoft’s B2B clientele with unrivalled, industry-leading services.

Chris Richards, Creative Director at Nomensa, delved deeper into this partnership by chatting with Dominic Greenwood, Group COO at Expersoft. Dominic elaborated on the unique functionalities of the PM1 Digital Banking product, emphasising its adaptability to cater to diverse markets, thanks to its flexible foundation. This flexibility not only aligns with modern digital norms but also permits partners to embed their branding and modify it as per varying use cases.

Dominic highlighted the multi-channel operations of their partners across diverse markets. The focus on the end-user experience is paramount, distinguishing their partners’ brands in an increasingly crowded space. With a rich history spanning 25 years as a global software and platform solutions trailblazer for banks and asset management firms, Dominic identified the forthcoming challenges in the next 5-10 years. His insights revealed Expersoft’s optimism about certain regions displaying significant potential in digital wealth management. Dominic underscored the crucial role of the PM1 platform in aiding partners to sustain their competitive edge in scaling and service quality.

Their partnership with Nomensa taught Expersoft the nuances of experience design, emphasising the significance of accessibility, consistency, and adaptability. Nomensa appreciates this synergistic journey with Expersoft and eagerly awaits the remarkable strides Dominic and his team are poised to make.

Do you feel inspired by our conversation? At Nomensa, we boast years of experience guiding businesses on their digital journeys. If you’re looking to elevate your digital platform or understand the ever-evolving landscape of user experience, we’re here to help. Reach out and contact us today!

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