Q&As: A 'day in the life' of our brilliant minds! Featuring Corrie Lloyd, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Nomensa

It’s no secret that a lot of interesting, inspiring work takes place here at Nomensa, and we love looping you in on our projects via our blogs and case studies. However, we want to take this a step further and zoom in on some of the great individuals that make this possible.

For the latest instalment of our Q&A series, we chatted to our Talent Acquisition Specialist Corrie Lloyd. Read on to learn about Corrie’s career journey, her typical working day and the importance of collaboration in her team.

What’s your background?

Mostly recruitment, with a sprinkling of Learning & Development as well as HR.

Why did you decide to pursue this career?

I enjoyed business studies, with the focus around people development.

What attracted you to Nomensa?

Nomensa seemed to have an edge I hadn’t yet experienced from an employer. I liked the idea of working with a company centred around creativity, design and research. It all felt very forward thinking.

Was there a lightbulb moment when you saw the value of UX?

During my internship at Very.co.uk, I shadowed research conducted in our onsite UX lab. Months later I regrouped with the UX team to see the improvements that had been made from this research – this was my first experience of UX and exactly what interested me.

Photo of Corrie Lloyd wearing a brightly coloured jumper, smiling

What does your average working day look like?

Candidate calls, project recruitment briefs, scheduling interviews and ad-hoc meetings/continuous improvement tasks.

What are the specific challenges of a Talent Acquisition Specialist?

The UK job market is highly competitive, and this can be really challenging as all candidates are actively trying to pursue multiple opportunities. I find we don’t have the luxury of 1:1 for every job opportunity and I think what sets Nomensa apart is our passion for people – hopefully this is echoed through our interview process which can lead to positive deciding factors.

What tools or resources do you use?

LinkedIn, ATS (Workable) and Sharepoint.

Can you describe your role in five words?

Reactive, fast-paced, people-focused, collaborative and rewarding.

How does collaboration sit within your role?

Within the recruitment process, there are many crucial collaboration touch points for various stakeholders e.g., hiring managers, SLT and people partners. Beyond the day to day, the People Team are regularly collaborating to improve ways of working or developing on existing systems & processes.

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