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Category: UX

Read the latest blogs on user experience (UX) from Nomensa’s industry experts.

  1. What are deceptive patterns?


    What are deceptive patterns?

    Posted on
    8 minutes, 15 seconds

    Another quiet night in, another night binging my favourite series on Netflix. My phone pings, it's from Amazon. It says my Amazon subscription is renewing soon and disaster – it's increased to £100 annually. I…



    The Stoic Designer

    6 minutes, 11 seconds

    Our next webinar ‘The Stoic Designer’ with Principal UX Consultant Joe Knowles on 15th September draws on case studies to introduce stoicism as a concept and aims to put personal and professional development into that…



    Why Macmillan loves UX

    Posted on
    2 minutes, 7 seconds

    Interact London speaker and Head of Digital at Macmillan Cancer support, Amanda Neylon, talks us through how UX helps bring support to those who need it most and how Macmillan is harnessing the power of…

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