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Investing just became fun with Yuh! | Nomensa

Investing just became fun with Yuh!

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As the User Experience (UX) design partners of Swissquote, we’re pleased to announce that today (11th May 2021) marks a significant step in making investing more accessible and fun to a whole new generation of stock market investors across the globe.

Yuh is a new app-based investing proposition that weaves together the ability for users to invest, save and bank in a way that breaks down barriers and opens up the world of stocks, shares, crypto and day to day banking to a whole new audience. The Yuh brand has been designed from scratch with the user at the heart of everything it is designed to do. It challenges the banking sector with its unique experience and tailored approach.

“It’s fresh, bold, fun and exciting.”


Markus Schwab, CEO of Yuh says, “Designing a new digital proposition to make investing more accessible and fun, with experience as a differentiator, required a special kind of digital partner. We found that partner in Nomensa. They helped us realise our ambitions across all the dimensions of User Experience to shape an end result we are very proud of and expect to do very well.”

José Carlos Rosa, Head of Brand Creation at Marketing at Swissquote, says, “To bring Yuh to life and to deliver the brand impact we needed in a truly unique way has been a mark of total collaboration with Nomensa. We knew we needed to offer competitive advantage through the experience we offered and what you see today is the result of that partnership. So cool, so unique. Such a delight to use.”

Emily Trotter, Principal Designer at Nomensa, says, “Over the last 18 months, Nomensa have worked seamlessly and collaboratively with Swissquote’s team, that has been responsible for developing the app, to ensure that our high standards of usability, accessibility and individuality could build on Swissquote’s capabilities to make the difference. We have done this very successfully as you’ll be able to see. Yuh is very unique and will be a joy to use. The joint venture between Swissquote and PostFinance will bring scale to the proposition in a manner that will shake the market up.”

To find out more about Yuh, please see Yuh or download it from the iOS or Android app store in the following countries*: Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein.

For more information on Nomensa’s work, take a look at our services and case studies, or give us call on +44 (0) 117 929 7333

For more information on Yuh, please contact Nadja Keller, Swissquote Media Relations at


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*Other countries are expected to follow, subject to due process and diligence.

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