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Upcoming Webinar: The Commercial Impact of Accessibility | Nomensa

Upcoming Webinar: The Commercial Impact of Accessibility

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The Commercial Impact of Accessibility

The web is for everyone, and no one should face barriers to accessing digital products and services they want and need. However, whilst progress has been made in recent years, many organisations’ products and services remain inaccessible – creating barriers to potential users and customers. We argue that smart businesses understand the need for equal access by all and invest in ensuring every customer touch point is accessible. In short – accessibility is good for business.

Focussing on website performance, this session looked at the some of the key commercial advantages of accessibility and offers practical tips for how your organisation can benefit.

Joel Strohmeier – Accessibility Consultant at Nomensa

Joel joined Nomensa as an Accessibility Consultant having been a long-standing accessibility and inclusive design champion throughout his career. Joel has 10 years experience in user focussed digital roles – including: client side, agency and management experience. He has led the creation of one of the UK insurance industry’s first highly accessible, mobile first digital style guides and has also led several user focussed business critical digital transformation projects, for household brand names.

Having worked in front-end development and operations, Joel can provide specific, practical advice for technical teams based on real-world experience. He has provided training sessions and presentations to a variety of audiences, including: designers, copywriters, product managers, developers and QA testers.

Recent client work includes supporting the NHS with a multi-site audit and creation of resulting accessibility statements. In addition, he has completed work for Department of Work and Pensions, MHRA, Dyson, FatFace and The Hague.

This webinar has taken place.

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