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Category: Web Development

Read the latest blogs on web development from Nomensa’s industry experts. Learn more about the web development services we offer, how websites are built and the considerations you need to think about.

  1. Why upgrade to LocalGov Drupal?


    Why upgrade to LocalGov Drupal?

    Posted on
    4 minutes, 12 seconds

    LocalGov Drupal (LGD) is a content management system (CMS) specifically designed for local government websites. It's built on Drupal, a popular, mature and robust platform proven on large sites in both the public and private…



    Using the lang attribute

    Posted on
    2 minutes, 24 seconds

    The third in a series of How To guides from Nomensa. Matt Lawson, Web Developer at Nomensa discusses how to use the lang attribute to specify the language of your website and individual elements on…

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