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Join us for the next Nomensa Webinar, hosted by our Principal Content Designer, Steven Shukor at 2pm BST on Tuesday 11th May.

The content-first approach: How to get a competitive edge through great UX

Words, images and videos are how you connect with your audience. Good content builds trust, loyalty and drives engagement. Why then, do so many design projects leave content as an after-thought?

Planning your content upfront will make it easier to find, use and share on any device and platform, like smartphones, chatbots, digital voice assistants and even ones yet to be invented.

In this talk, Steven breaks down the content-first approach and its benefits to businesses and design teams, covering:

  • Subject modelling
  • Content modelling
  • Structured content
  • Connected content

As always, this webinar will be recorded and all those that sign up will receive a recording of the session shortly after it ends so please do still sign up if you are unable to watch this session live.

Steven Shukor - Principal Content Designer at Nomensa

From chasing gun gangs to creating the NHS’s first online weight loss plan, Steven’s had a colourful career in content, first as a journalist and then as a content strategist. Twenty years honing his craft has taught him that there’s nothing that cannot be explained in plain English.