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15th October 2013

Creating the perfect donation experience – infographic long description

Step 1: Engage The potential donor becomes emotionally engaged with the charity. This can occur offline (for example, through a television advert) or online (through case studies). Step 2: Nudge The donor is tipped over into actually deciding to make a donation. This typially occurs on the “Donate” landing page and is supported by a […]

26th June 2013

About Nomensa – infographic long description

Nomensa timeline infographic 4 founding members 2001 – Nomensa was founded! Established in 2001, Nomensa has worked with an extensive range of high profile clients. Bringing together the principles of psychology and design to achieve meaningful design interaction. Image: Aerial picture of Queen square, where Nomensa is based. 2002 – Humanising technology Nomensa CEO Simon […]

14th June 2013

Latest industry insights

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28th February 2006

User Experience – a new buzz word or the way forward for web development?

User experience might sound like just another bit of marketing candy, but there’s a lot of science hiding behind this feel good phrase.

People always come to a web site with a goal in mind, whether that’s to book tickets, find out when the local recycle centre is open, check their bank statement or listen to the radio. It sounds remarkably simple, a logical assertion that the purpose of any web site is to fulfil the goals of the user. But time and time again, this fundamental concept is overlooked or underestimated.

It takes a subtle combination of a number of different disciplines to build a web site that is functional, attractive, supportive and user friendly. Each one plays a vital role in creating an environment where people can achieve their goals without difficulty, obstruction or frustration.


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