Standards.Next cognition and accessibility

Standards.Next is an informal meetup hosted by Opera. The idea is for a group of people to get together and listen to a few presentations on a key theme, then really get involved with questions so the whole thing takes on a workshop style. On Saturday, the theme was cognition in accessibility. Presentations were given by:

  • Antonia Hyde - Accessibility Beyond Code
  • Jamie Knight & Lion - Autism, the Internet & Antelopes
  • David Owens - Lessons Learned user testing
  • Ian Pouncey - Content & Cognition

Very much in the spirit of the day, people took notes, twittered their comments and shared their write ups:

Catch all the tweets posted with the #standardsnext tag. After Standards.Next everybody headed to the pub and carried on talking. Ideas were really buzzing and I spoke with people about:

  • HTML5 and scripting Jaws to provide proof of concept support for some of the accessibility discussions that are taking place around the specification.
  • Screen reader support for ARIA and whether a new open source screen reader called NVDA is set to upset the status quo by out performing all of the existing screen readers in terms of ARIA/AJAX support.
  • The need to encourage usability testing as early as possible in the development process.
  • The importance of colour contrast and clean visual design for people with cognitive disabilities and much more.